The 2018 Infinti Q50 is a compact luxury sedan named originally as the G35, it is the latest iteration of the most popular cars and one of the first car I had a desire for. The Infiniti Q50 includes new trim level structure,4 [four] in number including the Pure, Luxe, Sport and a Red Sport 400.These trim versions carry a 2.0 Litre turbocharged four cylinder; a twin turbo V6 and an up¬ tuned version of the latter for the Red Sport 400 engine respectively.

The Pure comes with a smaller engine as the Luxe balances between the three trim levels, the Sport and Red Sport 400 come with a V¬6 only. The FWD has options of both RWD and all¬ wheel options at Ineaxmotors too.

The exterior features of the Nissan Infiniti Q50 has been modified with a new grill upfront and a well revised front fascia with new fog lights housing. The interior has a new steering upgraded from its predecessors and a multimedia screen system much like its former version. However, the Q50 Red Sport models get the best leather and dark chrome accents giving it a deeper feel while either driving or being driven.

300hp twin turbo 3.0¬litre V6 with 295 lb¬ tq with a seven¬ speed automatic transmission brings the Q50 to live as it grips the tarmac and taking off. Consumption is between 22¬29 mpg both on the city and the highway as a combined analysis of all trim levels Nissan offers with the Infiniti model.

The cabin as Dual¬ display system, blind spot warning,360¬degree cameras, navigation, forward autonomous emergency breaking,16¬speaker audio system, front and rear parking sensors and a Dynamic Digital Suspension giving the Infiniti Q50 more if not equal levels of comfort than most of its competitors. The Q50 steering feedback has also been tweaked than its former Infiniti Q35.

The audio, climate and performance systems are user friendly and actually quite easy to use, the cons of this infiniti is the lack of smartphone¬ mirroring technologies like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With that being said, the rest of the interior is more competitive coming with leather upholstery which is standard in all Q50s and supportive and comfortable seats for those long drives that sees you sitted for hours before reaching the desired destination.

The back seats have moderate legroom just like most of its Infiniti class, the headroom is excellent and has large windows all around providing a splendid view for both passengers and driver. The Q50 has its own unique appeal as a stylish car that performs well enough and good as a cruiser. It is a truly responsive and utterly reliable vehicle needing easy to do service after 70,000 miles.

For the reader whose asking if it is worth a buy, the answer is YES, this is one if the few cruisers saying NO to isn’t a brilliant idea. For more queries about the Nissan Infiniti Q50 contact us through our website at