Data Deletion Policy

We care about your data – even after you leave (although, we never want to see you go!) This means you have a choice of how your data is treated if you need to cancel your Ineax Motors account. Please be sure to designate which you prefer at the time of cancellation – if you don’t, you will be automatically placed into the “passive delete” category.

Active Delete
Ask for this if you are absolutely, no-question-about-it, positive that you do not want Ineax Motors to retain any of the information you entered while being a customer or trial participant. This might be appropriate if your company has strict security standards – or if you are really comfortable that it is time to “let it go”. As we promised from the beginning – what you enter into the Ineax Motors tool is all yours, so you get to choose if you want it to go away, permanently. If you want to active delete your account you need to email us at [email protected]

Passive Delete
This is for you if you aren’t all that concerned about the data. You are pretty sure that you won’t need it again, (maybe because you’ve already pulled a copy of everything using our API). This is also a great option for those of you who think you might be coming back super soon, either to sign up for the first time, or because you miss us. Granted, there is a bit of risk in this category, because Ineax Motors retains the right to delete your data whenever we want or need to… so, if you want some confidence that your data will definitely be waiting for you when you come back….

For those of us who really like options, especially after finding out how great Ineax Motors is – parking is for you! We know that there are times where you just want to push a “pause” button, and not start from scratch when it is time to get back on the road. By choosing the “Parking Plan”.

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