Fuel economy has become an important aspect in our driving concerns both here in Nairobi and the world over. We always rush to look for these tips often after we’ve bought our new rides and come to a rude shock that gas is actually expensive, so for you here are a few tips to help you save more of this all-time precious commodity.

Drive sensibly.

Now for the most part this is not news, but we seem to ignore this piece of advice. You want to avoid as much as possible the rapid acceleration and braking. Also once those lights turn red somewhere along Uhuru Highway and one our traffic officers’ signals you to go (as is often the case here in Nairobi) always remember to be gentle on the gas pedal. Thank me later.

Avoid those short trips if you can

Here is where you really have to ask yourself if sitting in traffic for close to an hour going to the gym at the end of the block to ride a stationary bike really worth the fuel? Or hopping in your car just to quickly grab a ‘kiberiti’ at your local general shop worth really wasting the fuel. You could jog or walk to both destinations, it’s for your own good.

Lose the excess weight

More weight means more power is required to carry it around which translates to more fuel to the engine. Again, do you really need the five pairs of shoes in your trunk or the three months old newspaper supply at the back of your seat?

Check your tire pressure

Correctly inflated tires significantly saves on fuel as they reduce to the optimum the amount of surface area in contact with the road. This significantly reduces the wear and tear and significantly increases vehicle handling. Avoid over and under inflation.

Avoid carrying stuff on the roof

Roof carrier for extra luggage

A lot of effort, time, money and energy goes into making your car as sleek as possible in what manufacturers call aerodynamics. Thishelps reduce the drag caused by air as you tear your way through. Loads increase aerodynamic drag thus leading to more fuel consumption. For the same reasons, always close your windows and sunroof when doing speeds above 40 Km/h.

Multi task on your daily routine

While doing your shopping, you could have other things like your hair and nails done, collect your letters from Posta and other errands in the mall. This will save you the time of having to go and come back and will sure go a long way on matters fuel economy.

Avoid excess idling

You will want to turn off your engine when the car is stationary because your engine will waste fuel depending on its size AC. If you’re going to be inside, do your best to limit the electric accessories use especially for long hours. Avoid revving your car when stationary as it’s nothing more than noisily wasting your fuel and money.

Observe speed limits

You’re doing nothing more than endangering your life and other road users especially on our Kenyan roads when doing speeds excess of 100 Km/h. Engines have an optimum operating speed where fuel efficient is at its best, this varies from car to car depending on the engine size, find this range for your car and usually maintain it during long and short journeys where possible.

Make use of your cruise control

Now this doesn’t come standard in all cars, but for those that have it as a provision, make use of it especially on the highways on long journeys. It helps keep the speeds at an optimum constant which does significantly well in saving fuel.

Avoid rush hour at all cost

Heavy traffic on a major road in Nairobi Kenya

Avoid being on roads notorious for traffic during rush hour at all cost, the likes of Mombasa Road and Jogoo Road
among others. You don’t want to be here at the notorious hours as it will not only be expensive, but it also wastes a lot of precious time. Every time you start from a complete stop the lower gears consume more fuel and this does no good to you as far as gas economy goes to say the least.

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