The Nissan Skyline, the vehicle of generations that stretches back to the 1970s when they first made a type of Nissan that could compete with other rivals like the Toyota Supra and Volkswagen Golf GT. In the progressive ingenuity of vehicle productions, Nissan haven’t slacked over the wave of incorporation of technology in a sporty vehicle that all classes can enjoy and find easy maintaining.

Now let me give you a sneak peak at the majestic Nissan Skyline which were produced from 2010¬2013.This Skyline has more to its gorgeous sleeve than what meets the physical eyes. The Skyline is an entry¬ level luxury/compact executive  4 door sedan is equipped with a standard four by four on demand.

This sleek beast boasts a 158 kW engine output producing 225 hp and 222 bhp at 6,800 rpm  situated at the front is the engine that creates about 194lb¬tq at 4,800 rpm, its one of the V36 model family from Nissan with a naturally aspirated engine of 2.5 Litres which has a double camshaft valve gear,4 valves per cylinder and a 6 cylinder layout. The engine delivers power through the wheels via a 5 speed automatic/manual gear box weighing 1580kg.

There are two options of the Skyline 250gt,it being a RWD drivers have a choice of getting automatic or manual ones here at Ineaxmotors ,petrol is the Skylines’ preference of fuel with a combined consumption of 8.3 l/100km, this is pretty much efficient for the power this sedan offers .Its equipped with front disc brakes with a ventilated cooling system. All these perks push the Skyline 250gt to 210km/h and a great handling for these top speeds for the suspension is stiff and rigid which gives the sedan more stability.

The Skylines’ exterior has powered window lifts both at the front and the back with an option of an all¬ weather sunroof, the main and low beam lights are xenon with front fog lights. Colours vary from Black, Blue, Silver, White and Red. Both Front and rear rims are 16¬17¬ Iches and the width is 205¬215 giving them a bigger grip either on tarmac or standard dusty roads.

Interior equipment include an analogue Tachometer with both CD/DVD radio format and connectivity, a user friendly screen and air condition climate control. All seats are powered from the front to the back and a genuine leather upholstery. The Nissan Skylines’ trunk volume isn’t small either with a volume of 4751 cubic metres. Additional features have been added like GPS.

Safety and security is on the higher side compared to other sedans from the same year with airbags at the front for the driver and passengers and a side chest bag for the driver and passengers. The Skyline also has a very much needed Electronic Stability Control system that helps the driver keep the vehicle on lane better than manually.

Standard versions of the Nissan come with Anti¬ locking Braking System [ABS] and an Emergency Brake Assist System [EBA]. Other extras also include an immobiliser, an Anti¬ Theft Alarm and a Central Locking system. The Nissan Skyline 250GT isn’t a slacker after all, well suited for the daily use for a driver who desires speed, elegance and consumption efficiency in a sedan.

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