The Land Rover Defender, an enduring symbol of strength, has evolved into its toughest and most capable iteration with the latest model. Uniting a novel body structure with cutting-edge technologies and proven hardware, this Defender stands as a testament to Land Rover’s commitment to crafting a vehicle fit for the demands of the 21st century. Tailored for the adventurous at heart and those with curious minds, it caters to individuals who cherish community values and aspire to make a positive impact.

The unmistakable silhouette remains familiar and fresh, emanating toughness while purposefully designed and engineered for excitement. An icon in name, shape, and capability, the Defender offers personalization options, allowing owners to tailor it to their unique preferences and needs and make the most of their world.

In a legacy spanning seven decades of groundbreaking innovation, Land Rover vehicles have earned a special place in the hearts of explorers, humanitarian organizations, and adventurous families worldwide. Tested and proven in the harshest environments on the planet, the new Defender proudly carries on this illustrious heritage.

Standing alongside the peerless luxury of the Range Rover family and the highly capable Discovery SUVs, the new Defender serves as the cornerstone, completing the Land Rover dynasty. The Defender 110 marks the beginning of a new era for this family of the world’s most capable and durable 4x4s, with a short wheelbase Defender 90 set to join the lineup later in 2020.

Fueled by a deep passion and reverence for the original, the new Defender introduces a transformative breadth of capability and advanced all-terrain technologies, redefining adventure for the 21st century. It remains steadfast in honoring the pioneering spirit that has been a hallmark of the Land Rover brand for 71 years.

Land Rover has been synonymous with all-terrain capability and toughness since the inception of its very first 4×4. Over decades, the Series and Defender models have surpassed expectations, earning iconic status for their role in empowering people to explore and make the most of their world. The new Defender takes these cherished attributes and reinterprets them for the challenges and advancements of the 21st century.

The outcome is a visually arresting vehicle that unmistakably embodies the essence of a modern Defender, perfectly suited for a world that has undergone significant transformations since the original’s creation.

Characterized by a distinctive silhouette and well-proportioned design, the new Defender encapsulates toughness at its core. Its interior, with rugged modular architecture, wholeheartedly embraces the spirit of adventure ingrained in the Land Rover DNA for over 70 years.

Featuring minimal front and rear overhangs, the new Defender stands out with excellent approach and departure angles. The Land Rover design team has contemporized familiar Defender elements for the 21st century, maintaining the iconic side-hinged rear tailgate and externally mounted spare wheel while adding a purposeful upright stance and Alpine light windows in the roof.

Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer at Land Rover, emphasizes the new Defender’s balance between respecting its past and embracing modernity, stating, “This is a new Defender for a New Age. Its unique personality is accentuated by its distinctive silhouette and optimum proportions, which make it both highly desirable and seriously capable – a visually compelling 4×4 that wears its design and engineering integrity with uncompromised commitment.”

The high sills, short overhangs, and externally mounted rear wheel contribute to the vehicle’s off-road capability. Its elemental yet sophisticated surfaces, along with a strong horizontal emphasis, convey the Defender’s robust and purposeful character.

Available in ’90’ and ‘110’ body styles, the new Defender offers six models: Defender, Defender S, Defender SE, Defender HSE, Defender X, and Defender First Edition. A broad range of accessories, including four Accessory Packs (Explorer, Adventure, Country, and Urban), allows customers to personalize their vehicles, showcasing the Defender’s versatility without compromising its overall design integrity.

Gerry McGovern reiterates, “This is our vision of a modern Defender,” emphasizing the vehicle’s clean and purposeful stance against a backdrop of clean body sides and a reassuringly vertical front and rear. Every detail of the exterior design upholds the Defender’s DNA—sophisticated, durable, and exceptionally tough—making it a vehicle design unlike any other.

Massimo Frascella, Creative Director at Land Rover Design, adds, “For us designers, nothing comes close to redesigning the last automotive icon. The design of the new Defender is a manifestation of our modernist design philosophy, elemental yet incredibly sophisticated.”

Land Rover has meticulously crafted a curated exterior palette for the new Defender, featuring exclusive colors that add a distinctive touch to the vehicle. The unique aspect lies in the exposed bodywork in the interior, allowing for modularity between the color palettes of the interior and exterior.

In the Defender X derivative, standard features include a gloss black inset contrast hood and Gloss Black claddings, providing a sleek and sophisticated appearance. To further distinguish the ‘X’ variant from the core vehicles, the front and rear skid pans, along with other detailed exterior parts, are coated in a Starlight Satin finish.

Setting a new precedent, the new Defender becomes the first Land Rover vehicle to offer an optional factory-fitted Satin Protective Film, contributing to both enhanced design and durability. This polyurethane-based wrap is expertly applied to external bodywork, imparting a rich and contemporary satin finish to the standard metallic paint. This showcases the intricate surfacing of the exterior design in optimal lighting conditions.

Designed to meet rigorous standards and engineered for peak performance in extreme conditions, the durable wrap can be removed at any time. This feature significantly expedites repairs compared to standard paint finishes. The Satin Protective Film is available with Indus Silver, Gondwana Stone, and Pangea Green paint options. Notably, it is solvent-free and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

The new Defender offers a variety of wheel designs, with a selection of 12 options ranging from 18-inch white-painted pressed steel rims to 22-inch Luna alloys.

Expanding the exterior color palette, the Defender introduces three new metallic shades exclusive to the model: Tasman Blue, Pangea Green, and Gondwana Stone. These join the existing color options of Fuji White, Eiger Grey, Santorini Black, and Indus Silver, providing a comprehensive range to cater to diverse preferences.

The Defender model’s interior architecture embraces a constructivist and modular design, emphasizing functionality through its practical layout and minimalist approach. A notable feature is the exposed, powder-coated magnesium cross-car beam, a structural die-cast magnesium alloy component integral to the overall strength of the body architecture. Available in various finishes, this beam incorporates integrated grab handles for secure entry and maneuvering during off-road adventures.

The central controls, including the touchscreen, are ergonomically clustered within the magnesium frame, allowing for an innovative optional front row center jump seat. This design facilitates movement across the front cabin and enhances the overall practicality of the interior.

Land Rover’s commitment to practicality extends to an abundance of storage opportunities, including a variety of center consoles. The durable constructivist theme continues throughout the interior, with visible features like structural door casings and partially exposed painted doors.

Inspired by the stripped-back design of the original Defender, the interior reveals structural elements and fittings usually concealed, prioritizing simplicity and practicality. User-friendly features and advanced technological innovations coexist, with durable rubberized flooring for easy cleaning and a full-length Folding Fabric Roof option for an open-top experience.

The Front Row Center Seat, available on the First Edition Defender 90 and optional on the Defender 110, allows three occupants in the front row. This occasional seat can be folded down for additional storage and a front armrest when not in use.

Alan Sheppard, Director of Interior Design at Land Rover, notes, “Within, we strived to harness the Defender model’s profound spirit of boundless adventure — a comfortable interior, which is at once impeccably handsome for the discerning, shrewd in functionality and prudently qualified in anticipation of any adversity.”

Comfort is a priority, with interior materials designed for longevity. Customers can choose from three interior color combinations and various finishes, including Resolve textile, Grained Leather with Robust Woven Textile, high-grade Windsor Leather, and Windsor Leather with Steelcut Premium Textile accent for enhanced durability.

The curated range of veneers and finishes includes rough-cut Walnut or Natural Smoked Dark Oak Veneer, both open pore for a more natural feel. Powder coating options, such as Dark Grey for the ‘X’ derivative and Light Grey for core Defender models, add further customization possibilities.

Amy Frascella, Director of Color and Materials at Land Rover, emphasizes the balance of tactility, softness, and durability, stating, “Essentially a tool — obtaining this balance of tactility, softness and durability was key to create a modern premium aesthetic for both the interior and exterior materials.” The innovative approach to material development challenges traditional methods, paving the way for a modern and premium design aesthetic.

To preserve the iconic Defender silhouette, accommodate various body styles, and integrate the latest powertrains, Land Rover developed the new all-aluminum D7x platform. This platform, unique to the Defender, embodies practicality, flexibility, and capability, showcasing Land Rover’s commitment to engineering integrity. The Defender is built on its own assembly line at the manufacturing facility in Nitra, Slovakia, emphasizing its distinctiveness from other Land Rover models.

The D7x platform raises the body structure’s position by 0.8 inches, relocates elements like the battery and cooling circuits, and provides ultra-short front and rear overhangs with a wheelbase of 119 inches for the Defender 110. This design yields exceptional off-road geometry, offering impressive approach, breakover, and departure angles of 38, 28, and 40 degrees, respectively.

The lightweight all-aluminum monocoque construction of the D7x architecture results in the stiffest Land Rover body ever created, with a torsional rigidity of 29kNm/Degree. This stiffness forms a solid foundation for the fully independent suspension, twin-speed transfer box, and permanent four-wheel drive.

Configurable Terrain Response® makes its debut in the new Defender, allowing drivers to fine-tune the vehicle’s setup for precise off-road conditions. This feature, standard on X derivatives and optional on others, enhances the Defender’s capability on and off the road.

Nick Rogers, Executive Director of Product Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, states, “The new Defender gives us the license to do things differently, to push the boundaries and do the unthinkable, without ever losing the character and authenticity of the original.”

The new Defender family includes ’90’ and ‘110’ body styles, maintaining the distinctive silhouette, side-hinged rear door, and a central front jump seat. The Defender redefines capability, excelling in off-road ruggedness and on-road comfort. It adapts effortlessly to diverse terrains, from city streets to challenging landscapes.

In terms of off-road features, the Defender allows drivers to prevent cross-axle slip using the Center Slip Limited and Center and Rear Slip Limited options. Three settings for throttle and gearbox response, steering, and traction control enable customization, with four individual profiles that drivers can save. The Terrain Response® 2 system’s intelligent Auto functionality recognizes driving surfaces without driver input.

The Defender is the first Land Rover vehicle with a standard Wade Sensing program, designed to assist in fording deep water. Additionally, it features Land Rover All-Terrain Progress Control and ClearSight Ground View technologies to support drivers in extreme off-road situations, providing stress-free low crawl speed maintenance and showing hidden areas directly in front of the vehicle on the central touchscreen.

The robust body architecture of the Land Rover Defender empowers customers to explore and utilize their world to the fullest, whether their needs involve towing substantial loads or transporting them. The vehicle boasts an impressive maximum towing capacity of 8,201 lbs, making it adept at handling demanding hauling tasks. To assist with challenging reversing maneuvers, the Defender is equipped with Advanced Tow Assist, allowing drivers to steer trailers using a rotary controller on the center console.

Designed for overland adventures, the ultra-strong body of the Defender supports a maximum dynamic roof load of 370 lbs (168 kg). This capability makes the Defender well-suited for a range of activities, from camping trips to visits to the hardware store, providing a versatile and dependable platform for various lifestyle needs.

In the United States, customers will have the option to choose between two powerful engine configurations for the Land Rover Defender. The first option is the P300 powertrain, a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers 296 horsepower. This powertrain is equipped with an advanced twin-scroll turbocharger for smooth performance and efficient power delivery. The P300 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 7.7 seconds (0-100 km/h in 8.1 seconds).

The second option is the P400 Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) powertrain, which incorporates a six-cylinder engine. This engine is designed with innovative technology to harness energy typically lost during deceleration and utilizes it to enhance overall performance. The inline six-cylinder Ingenium gasoline engine features a conventional twin-scroll turbocharger and an advanced 48-volt electric supercharger. A belt-integrated starter motor replaces the alternator to support the gasoline engine during acceleration. The 48-volt lithium-ion battery stores energy captured during deceleration. Together, these technologies deliver an impressive 395 horsepower, 406 lb-ft of torque, and accelerate the Defender from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds (0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds).

Both engine options are coupled with a responsive eight-speed ZF® automatic transmission and a twin-speed transfer box. This configuration provides a set of low-range ratios crucial for towing or off-road driving, offering enhanced control in demanding conditions.

The new Defender introduces cutting-edge braking technology, marking a significant advancement in Land Rover’s braking systems. This next-generation technology is designed to deliver quicker and quieter responses compared to conventional systems, thereby enhancing the overall driving experience.

A pivotal component of this advanced braking system is an actuator-controlled piston operated by the foot pedal, allowing for much finer control over braking effort. This level of precision is particularly beneficial during low-speed off-road maneuvers. Additionally, when the Traction Control and Emergency Braking systems are activated, the new braking technology can lock a wheel within an impressive 150 milliseconds, significantly quicker than the 300 milliseconds required by conventional setups.

In everyday driving scenarios, the benefits extend to features such as Hill Launch Assist with Enhanced Hill Hold. These features are engineered to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward on inclines once engaged, enabling the driver to focus solely on pulling away and navigating obstacles. The transition from the brakes to power is smoother, providing enhanced control, particularly in adverse environments. The introduction of this next-generation braking technology underscores Land Rover’s commitment to elevating safety and performance in the new Defender.

The new Land Rover Defender is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, driven by the next-generation Land Rover Electronic Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0), marking a digital revolution for the brand. This architecture supports Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) updates, ensuring that the Defender always has access to the latest software. The innovative PIVI Pro infotainment system, designed for fast and intuitive use, is a key feature enabled by EVA 2.0.

The SOTA technology in the new Defender is advanced, with 14 individual modules capable of receiving remote updates. This allows customers to download data remotely, enabling electronic updates to reach the vehicle immediately without the need to visit a Land Rover retailer. Updates are downloaded in the background using the vehicle’s built-in data plan, and customers are notified when an update is available, allowing them to schedule the installation at a convenient time.

The optional Online Pack provides unlimited data for music streaming, weather updates, and calendar information. With a supplementary Wi-Fi data package, all passengers can stay connected to online media via a separate external antenna.

The new Land Rover PIVI Pro infotainment system, accessed through a central 10-inch touchscreen, is inspired by the latest smartphones. It offers an always-on design, providing instant responses, even during the initial start-up. The system includes wireless device charging, Apple CarPlay®, and Android Auto™ as standard for seamless smartphone integration. Bluetooth technology allows connectivity to two smartphones simultaneously.

The navigation system uses self-learning algorithms and dynamic guidance for optimized routing. Smart Voice Guidance cancels audio instructions in familiar surroundings. The 12.3-inch Interactive Driver Display provides high-definition 3D mapping within the instrumentation.

Land Rover InControl® Remote technology enables owners to monitor the Defender’s location, fuel level, lock/unlock the vehicle, and control the climate remotely.

A new Generation 2 Head-up Display (HUD) reduces driver distraction, providing key information to the driver. The full-color backlit TFT set-up can replicate displays from the central touchscreen, including articulation graphics for off-road assistance.

Land Rover Electrical Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0), forward-facing digital camera, advanced ultrasonic sensors, and a powerful 3Gbit/s onboard network support driver assistance technologies. The new Defender offers a comprehensive suite of driver assistance features, including a 3D Surround Camera, ClearSight Rear View, Blind Spot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear Pre-Collision Monitor, Rear Traffic Monitor, Clear Exit Monitor, and more.

A range of charging sockets throughout the cabin keeps occupants connected, with options for USB sockets, 12V power supplies, and a 120V domestic socket. The Meridian™ sound system, with 6, 10, or 14 speakers, provides a rich audio experience for all occupants.

Additionally, thoughtful features include USB sockets on the front seatbacks for second-row occupants and the availability of an optional second-generation Activity Key for enhanced convenience, allowing customers to unlock, lock, or start the vehicle without a traditional key.

The new Land Rover Defender is built on the purpose engineered ‘D7x’ architecture, featuring a lightweight aluminum monocoque construction. This design creates the stiffest body structure ever produced by Land Rover, being three times stiffer than traditional body-on-frame designs. The robust foundations of the Defender’s architecture support its fully independent suspension.

During the development phase, prototype models of the Defender underwent rigorous testing, covering extensive distances in some of the world’s most challenging environments. This included enduring temperatures ranging from the scorching 50-degree Celsius heat of the desert to the sub-40-degree Celsius cold of the Arctic, as well as altitudes above 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The Defender’s capabilities were put to the test with front and rear recovery points that can withstand up to 10 and nine tons of pull, respectively. Land Rover engineers completed iconic off-road trails in Moab, Utah, including challenging routes like Hell’s Revenge, Poison Spider, and Steel Bender trails. Closer to the brand’s headquarters at Gaydon, the Defender met stringent durability standards, enduring repeated 7.9-inch (200mm) curb strikes at 25 mph (40 km/h).

To ensure the electrical systems match the ruggedness of the vehicle, the Defender undergoes enhanced validation testing. This includes a substantial investment of $45 million (£37 million) in new facilities and infrastructure, making the Defender the first Land Rover vehicle to benefit from these advancements.

Land Rover recognizes the significance of personal experiences and adventures in its legacy, and the new Defender embraces this rich heritage by offering customers more choices than ever before to personalize their vehicles.

The new Defender is available in ’90’ and ‘110’ body styles. The Defender 90 can accommodate up to six seats, while the Defender 110 provides the option of five, six, or 5+2 seating configurations. The model range includes six trim levels: Defender, Defender S, Defender SE, Defender HSE, Defender First Edition, and the top-tier Defender X.

To enable customers to further personalize their vehicles, Land Rover offers four optional Accessory Packs: Explorer, Adventure, Country, and Urban Packs. Each pack imparts a distinct character to the Defender by incorporating a specially curated selection of accessories. In addition, Land Rover introduces the Above and Beyond Collection, featuring outdoor performance apparel and equipment designed to match the durability and toughness of the new Defender.

While the complete range of accessories is available individually, the four Accessory Packs provide customers with prebuilt packages, allowing them to tailor their new Defender to suit their lifestyle.

The Explorer Pack is crafted for owners who seek to conquer unmapped terrains. It enhances the new Defender’s capabilities with features like a Raised Air Intake, a lightweight 57-lbs Expedition Roof Rack, and an Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier. Extra ruggedness is provided by Front and Rear Classic Mud Flaps, Wheel Arch Protection, and a Spare Wheel Cover. The Explorer Pack’s distinctive appearance is further emphasized by a Matte Black hood decal, featuring ’90’ or ‘110’ cut-out detailing. For additional functionality, customers can opt for upgrades like Fixed Side Steps and a Deployable Roof Ladder. The Front Expedition Protection System includes a Front Undershield and ‘A’-Frame Protection Bar with raised corners, improving the front approach angle.

The Adventure Pack is designed to equip the new Defender for outdoor adventures, providing features that enhance its functionality in the great outdoors. This pack includes a Portable Rinse System with a 1.7-gallon pressurized water reservoir, a trunk-mounted Integrated Air Compressor, and an Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier. Protection for off-road excursions is ensured with Front and Rear Mud Flaps, a Spare Wheel Cover, and a Bright Rear Scuff Plate to safeguard the rear bumper during loading and unloading. Additionally, the Adventure Pack offers practicality with a 6.3-gallon Seat Backpack that can be taken with you when leaving the vehicle, completing the interior setup for outdoor activities.

The Country Pack is tailored for those who venture off the beaten track, providing features to enhance the new Defender’s capabilities in rugged environments. This pack includes Wheel Arch Protection for added durability, a Bright Rear Scuff Plate to safeguard the top of the rear bumper, and Front and Rear Classic Mud Flaps for protection against mud and debris. The interior is equipped for everyday adventures with a Portable Rinse System and a Full-Height Loadspace Partition.

The Urban Pack is designed to make a statement in the urban environment, adding distinctive elements to the new Defender’s exterior and interior. This pack includes a Bright Rear Scuff Plate, Spare Wheel Cover, and Front Undershield to enhance the vehicle’s urban aesthetics. Inside, the rugged interior is complemented by Bright Metal Pedals. Additionally, customers have the option to choose from a range of alloy wheel upgrades, including a distinctive 22-inch five-spoke design, to further customize the urban look of their Defender.

Land Rover offers a wide range of individual accessories that allow customers to further personalize their new Defender according to their preferences and needs. These accessories include:

  • Side Tubes and Steps: Customers can choose from various side tubes and both fixed or deployable side steps to enhance the vehicle’s exterior aesthetics and assist with entry and exit.
  • Rubber Mats: A range of durable deep-sided rubber mats is available to protect the interior of the Defender.
  • Loadspace Accessories: Loadspace rails on the floor (available on the Defender 110) can be equipped with various load retention accessories to secure smaller items during transportation. An optional lockable security box provides added protection for valuables.
  • Glovebox and Storage: The Defender features a lockable glovebox, deep door pockets, and an exposed cross car beam that doubles as a shelf, providing 1.8 gallons of open storage.
  • Clip-in Loadspace Cover: This cover can also serve as a ground mat for picnics or changing footwear on wet surfaces. The hose-clean and machine washable material adds to the rugged and practical design of the Defender.
  • Versatile Loadspace: The Defender 110 offers up to 34 cu ft of loadspace behind the second row and up to 78.8 cu ft when the second row is folded. The loadspace includes a switch panel for adjusting the rear ride height of the Electronic Air Suspension and a tow hitch receiver for towing up to 8,201 lbs.
  • Rubber Flooring: The Defender features a hose-clean rubber floor with flush fitting sills for easy cleaning after muddy or dusty adventures. Luxury carpet floor mats are also available for a more premium look.
  • Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier: Aligning with the Defender’s floating pillars, this lockable storage pod is aerodynamically tested and can hold up to 37.5 lbs of gear.
  • Deployable Roof Ladder: Folding down from its locked position on the floating pillars, the roof ladder provides easy access to items carried on the roof.
  • Portable Rinse System: Equipped with a 1.7-gallon reservoir, hose, and shower attachment, the rinse system is practical for cleaning gear, pets, or equipment.
  • Remote Control Electric Winch: Neatly integrated into the front bumper, this winch provides a maximum force of 10,000 lbs and can be wirelessly operated from a distance.
  • Raised Air Intakes: Vital for dusty locations, these semi-integrated air intakes protect the engine by delivering cleaner air from their elevated position.
  • Wheel Options: Customers can choose from a comprehensive range of wheel options, ranging from utilitarian 18-inch Gloss White Steel rims to stylish 22-inch Gloss Black five-spoke alloy designs, all with All-Season or Off-Road tire options.

These accessories, along with the Accessory Packs, allow customers to tailor their new Defender to suit their lifestyle and preferences.

Land Rover offers an extensive Above and Beyond Collection, a collaboration with Musto, providing customers with a range of outdoor performance apparel, technical equipment, and accessories. The collection is designed to mirror the rugged and durable characteristics of the Defender and includes a variety of items for different purposes. Some highlights from the collection include:

  • Hybrid Jacket: This jacket can effortlessly transform into a gilet using Quickburst zip technology.
  • Belt: Featuring a tensile strength of over 13,000 lbs (6,000 kg), this belt is both functional and durable.
  • Lifestyle Packs: These packs are curated for different lifestyles, including country life, city living, outdoor adventure, and exploration. Each pack includes specially chosen items that complement the corresponding lifestyle.

The Above and Beyond Collection allows Land Rover enthusiasts to extend their passion for the brand beyond the vehicle, embracing a lifestyle that aligns with the spirit of adventure and durability embodied by the Defender.