In its pursuit of carbon neutrality, Toyota is committed to the ongoing refinement and development of environmentally conscious vehicles, guided by the principle of “introducing sustainable vehicles practically to the market.” The genesis of this endeavor can be traced back to the Iwate Plant of Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc. (formerly Kanto Auto Works, Ltd.) in 2011, a pivotal year marked by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Despite the challenges, the first-generation Aqua emerged from this context, embodying Toyota’s vision to enhance hybrid-vehicle familiarity and to craft a compact car tailored for the coming decade.
The Aqua seamlessly combined the practicality inherent in compact cars with the exceptional fuel efficiency and serenity characteristic of a hybrid electric-only model—all offered at an accessible price point. Since its introduction, over 1.87 million Aqua units have found homes, making a substantial contribution to a reduction in CO2 emissions amounting to approximately 12.4 million tons.
Now, with the introduction of the all-new Aqua, Toyota continues to build upon the legacy of its predecessor. In its pursuit of once again “creating a compact car for the next 10 years,” the new Aqua not only inherits but refines the roles of its forerunner. Beyond prioritizing features that bring joy, safety, peace of mind, and comfort to daily driving, the latest model also excels in environmental performance. Boasting low fuel consumption at 35.8 kilometers per liter, it combines this with smooth acceleration for a high-quality driving experience. The Aqua is equipped with well-considered features, including a 100-volt (alternating current)/1,500-watt accessory power outlet and an emergency power supply mode available on all grades, allowing users to draw electricity from the vehicle for external use during blackouts.
Toyota remains dedicated to the concept of a “home planet” and embraces its responsibility to preserve this Earth for future generations. The company looks ahead, committed to the continuous improvement of its vehicles, striving to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality and the creation of happiness for all through the medium of automobiles.

Innovative battery technologies
Setting a new standard in automotive innovation, the all-new Aqua proudly claims the title of the world’s first vehicle to incorporate a high-output bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery as its electric drive battery. This cutting-edge battery design represents a significant leap forward compared to its predecessor in the previous-generation Aqua. With an impressive doubling of output, the new battery not only enhances accelerator responsiveness but also facilitates smooth and linear acceleration from low speeds.
The advancements extend beyond mere power, as the all-new Aqua boasts an expanded operational range on electrical power alone. This enhancement allows the vehicle to seamlessly navigate various urban scenarios exclusively on electricity, without the need for engine engagement. This expanded electric-only capability signifies a notable stride towards greater sustainability and efficiency in urban driving environments. The all-new Aqua is not just a testament to technological progress but a tangible embodiment of Toyota’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly mobility.

A new driving experience unique to a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)
In a groundbreaking move, the all-new Aqua proudly introduces the Comfort Pedal, marking a significant milestone as the first Toyota model to incorporate this innovative feature. When Power+ Mode is engaged, drivers can effortlessly decelerate the vehicle by simply easing off the accelerator pedal, harnessing regenerative braking force for a smooth slowdown. This transformative technology not only lessens the need for frequent shifts between the accelerator and brake pedals, reducing driver burden, but also provides responsive feedback for an enhanced driving experience.
Adding to its repertoire of pioneering features, the latest generation Aqua debuts the E-Four system, a notable first for the model. This system instills drivers with a heightened sense of confidence, particularly when navigating snow-covered roads, reinforcing the vehicle’s adaptability to diverse driving conditions.
Under the hood, the all-new Aqua boasts a highly efficient 1.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine seamlessly integrated with an optimized HEV system. This harmonious combination not only propels the Aqua to achieve class-leading fuel economy of 35.8 km/L in the compact class but also ensures a driving experience characterized by the comfort synonymous with hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). The Aqua stands as a testament to Toyota’s unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and driving excellence.

The latest active safety package
Designed for seamless integration into the daily lives of its owners, the Aqua is envisioned by Toyota as a vehicle that should be equipped with an array of safety and security features. The all-new Aqua raises the bar by introducing the latest iteration of Toyota Safety Sense as a standard inclusion, incorporating cutting-edge active safety functions. Notable enhancements in the pre-collision safety functions expand the scope to include accidents during turns at intersections, ensuring a comprehensive safety net.
The Full Speed Range Radar Cruise Control enhances the comfort of car outings, while the Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) takes the lead in providing steering support to keep the vehicle centered within its lane. Plus Support takes charge in preventing sudden acceleration mishaps resulting from accelerator pedal misapplication.
Breaking new ground in Toyota’s compact car lineup, the all-new Aqua introduces the Toyota Teammate Advanced Park and Parking Support Brake. Toyota Teammate Advanced Park offers comprehensive support for all parking operations, covering steering wheel maneuvers, brake and accelerator control, and gear shifting. Meanwhile, the updated Parking Support Brake not only detects stationary objects in front of and behind the vehicle but extends its capabilities to the sides, providing alerts and brake control to mitigate the risk of collisions. This multifaceted approach ensures that the all-new Aqua delivers robust driver support across a diverse range of scenarios, be it during driving or parking maneuvers.

Standard power supply functions, for disaster and emergency readiness
Setting a new standard in versatility, all grades of the Aqua come equipped with an accessory power outlet (AC100 V / 1,500 W) and an emergency power supply mode as standard features. This thoughtful inclusion extends beyond the realm of convenience, proving invaluable during blackouts and emergencies.
In times of power outage, activating the Emergency Power Supply Mode while parked allows the Aqua to serve as a power source for electrical appliances, ranging from electric kettles to hair dryers. This capability ensures that the Aqua not only remains a reliable mode of transportation but also transforms into a mobile power hub, providing essential electricity when needed most.
Even during normal driving scenarios, the Aqua continues to showcase its adaptability. The vehicle’s accessory power outlet allows for the powering of appliances, while in-cabin USB terminals facilitate the charging of smartphones and other electronic devices. This holistic approach to electrical functionality reinforces Aqua’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its users, ensuring both convenience and preparedness in various situations.

A refined body structure and an advanced design
Employing the Toyota New Global Architecture TNGA (GA-B) platform within the familiar compact body, the all-new Aqua achieves remarkable advancements in structural rigidity, noise reduction, and ride stability. By maintaining compact dimensions tailored for Japanese road conditions and leveraging the TNGA (GA-B) platform, the Aqua ensures a solid and quiet driving experience.
Despite retaining its compact footprint, the all-new Aqua enhances its interior space dynamics by extending the wheelbase by 50 mm. This strategic adjustment not only affords more room for passengers seated in the rear but also expands the overall luggage space, elevating the convenience factor. The result is a harmonious blend of compactness, improved passenger comfort, and increased storage capacity, making the Aqua a well-rounded and adaptable vehicle for diverse driving needs making it one of the best compact cars.

The all-new Aqua presents an exterior characterized by a cohesive and relaxed cabin silhouette, complemented by rear fenders that gracefully extend to the sides. This design imparts a smart, emotional, and dynamic aesthetic that perfectly suits Aqua’s identity. With a total of nine high-quality color options, including the newly developed Clear Beige, the Aqua offers a diverse palette to cater to individual preferences, with the Clear Beige adding a touch of simplicity and clarity that complements the vehicle’s sleek form.
Inside, the focus is on simplicity, cleanliness, and elegance, achieved by thoughtfully grouping various functions. The cabin boasts soft synthetic leather-bound ornaments and armrests, elevating the overall tactile experience. The synthetic leather power seats not only exceed expectations in terms of convenience and comfort but also contribute to the refined ambiance of the interior. Practicality takes center stage with cleverly designed storage solutions—a tissue box finds a designated spot in the front passenger seat upper box, and a sliding tray in the center console ensures neat storage of charging cables.
Breaking new ground for Toyota compact cars, the all-new Aqua proudly features a large, 10.5-inch audio display. This addition enhances operability and visibility, underscoring Toyota’s commitment to delivering a cutting-edge and user-friendly driving experience. The result is an interior that harmonizes aesthetics with functionality, making the Aqua a standout choice in its class.