Autofocus: 2021 Toyota Harrier Japanese Version Unveiled

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has unveiled plans for the launch of its latest model, the Harrier, expected to hit the market around June 2020. Since its initial introduction in 1997, the Harrier has consistently been a trailblazer, carving a niche in the highly competitive midsize crossover SUV segment breaking free from conventional classifications.

Whether glimpsed, ridden, or driven, the new Harrier prioritizes sensory excellence. Departing from the conventional emphasis on utility and numerical metrics, Toyota aimed to craft a vehicle distinguished by its unique charm and elegance, captivating the heart. The outcome is a car transcending the typical SUV designation, offering a novel form of value as “a life-enriching partner.”

The Harrier seamlessly integrates simplicity, elegance, and sturdiness into a flowing coupe silhouette. The upscale interior space imparts a sense of security upon entering the cabin. As the Harrier sets into motion, the responsive driving performance creates a comforting sensation, and the tranquil cabin naturally fosters enjoyable conversations with companions. Embracing the new Harrier promises to be a truly enriching and delightful experience.

The main features of the new Harrier

Fluid proportions with a solid stance

The new Harrier showcases a front view that accentuates its sharp and bold styling, achieved through the seamless flow of lines extending from the upper grill to the headlamps. Notably, the distinctive signature lamps underscore the vehicle’s individuality and technological prowess, making it effortlessly recognizable even from a distance.

While maintaining a simple structure, the side view presents a dynamically evolving body cross-section, fostering a visually expressive appearance and instilling a robust sense of motion. The combination of a narrowed coupe cabin and sports car-inspired wheel housings extending on both sides contributes to a distinctly rugged impression in the rear view. The presence is further intensified by the illumination from a slim, sharp line of tail lamps and stop lamps.

A diverse palette of seven subdued colors, including the elegant Precious Black Pearl, allows the Harrier to showcase its captivating design in an array of beautifully evolving shades.

Pleasant, high quality interior space

The center console of the Harrier delivers a commanding presence resembling a horse’s saddle, exuding a wide and imposing aura. Integrated with an instrument panel nestled within the saddle’s edges, it creates a robust and distinctive interior design.

Stretching from the instrument panel to the door trims on both sides, the dashboard is luxuriously expansive, enveloping occupants and providing a sense of security and comfort. Tactile synthetic leather is skillfully utilized throughout, crafting a natural-looking silhouette wrapped in thick leather. The incorporation of bentwood-inspired wood tones and piping enhances the overall ambiance, exuding a casual yet high-quality feel.

A groundbreaking feature for Toyota, the panorama roof comes equipped with electric shades and electro-chromatic windows. The ability to dim the windows adds a touch of sophistication, allowing soft light to permeate the cabin, fostering a sense of quality.

In terms of color palette, the interior opts for low-contrast browns, grays, and blacks, creating a tranquil atmosphere that exudes both chicness and maturity. This calming ambiance adds a refined touch to the overall interior space.

Driving pleasure and a comfortable ride

The new Harrier is built on the Toyota New Global Architecture (GA-K) platform, forming a foundation that prioritizes both a highly rigid body and a low center of gravity. This design aims to deliver optimal ride comfort and driving performance, with a specific emphasis on driver sensitivity.

For its suspension system, the Harrier employs MacPherson struts at the front and a double wishbone setup at the rear. The front and rear suspension geometry have been meticulously optimized to achieve a well-balanced, rigid body. Toyota’s commitment to a solid yet graceful ride is evident through extensive tuning and testing processes.

To enhance steering responsiveness, the new Harrier utilizes shock absorbers that ensure a smooth pedal stroke, particularly in low-speed ranges, promoting a connection between the driver and the road from the moment the vehicle sets in motion. This feature enables the driver to distinctly feel the tires gripping the road, enhancing the overall driving experience.

The inclusion of Active Cornering Assist (ACA) in the braking control system helps prevent understeering during cornering. Paired with an electric power steering system that swiftly responds to steering wheel movements and provides light steering, the Harrier achieves a comfortable and responsive feel.

The TNGA platform introduces the latest Dynamic Force Engine and Direct Shift-CVT, complemented by the continuously evolving Toyota Hybrid System (THS II). This combination results in a direct driving experience and superior fuel performance. With hybrid specifications available for 2WD models as well, the new Harrier offers a wider range of options than ever before.

Advanced features for safety, security, comfort, and convenience

The new Harrier is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, incorporating a pre-collision safety system capable of detecting pedestrians during both day and night, as well as cyclists during daylight hours. This advanced safety feature enhances overall safety and provides peace of mind for the driver and passengers.

Safety is further prioritized with the inclusion of Intelligent Clearance Sonar with Parking Support Brakes (Stationary Objects). This system is designed to minimize and/or prevent damage from collisions during low-speed driving in parking lots and similar scenarios, adding an extra layer of protection.

Introducing the Digital Inner Mirror for the first time in a Toyota vehicle, the new Harrier allows the recording of images from the front and rear of the vehicle while in motion, enhancing visibility and safety.

The hybrid model of the Harrier boasts a 100-volt (alternating current) / 1,500-watt accessory power outlet. This feature not only facilitates the use of electrical devices compatible with home outlets but also enables the vehicle to function as a power generator during emergencies and blackouts.

The technological aspects of the new Harrier extend to its entertainment and connectivity features, including the T-Connect SD navigation system with a 12.3-inch TFT wide touch-display screen. SmartDeviceLink (SDL)5 and other smartphone connectivity6 options are integrated, providing seamless integration with smartphones. Additionally, the JBL premium sound system with nine speakers creates an advanced and realistic acoustic environment, elevating the overall driving experience.