“Patience is rewarded with greatness,” echoes the timeless saying. After three remarkable generations, the anticipation has finally culminated – introducing the brand-new 2022 Lexus LX. Unveiled with a comprehensive redesign from its core to its exterior, the all-new 2022 LX 600 emerges as the pinnacle sport-utility flagship within the expanding and diverse model lineup of the luxury brand. This full-size luxury SUV, boasting a freshly reengineered body-on-frame platform, cutting-edge style, and opulent cabin, epitomizes Lexus’ dedication to addressing the evolving needs and lifestyles of its discerning clientele. Its anticipated arrival at U.S. dealerships is slated for the first quarter of 2022.

Since its inception in 1995, the LX has stood as a revered icon among luxury SUVs, characterized by an unmistakable duality. Defined by its plush ride quality and an extensive array of amenities, it has established itself as a competent long-distance cruiser. Simultaneously, its proven off-road capabilities and equipment have propelled it beyond the confines of asphalt in over 50 countries and regions worldwide. As of August 2021, the LX has achieved remarkable success, with over 500,000 models sold globally.

In its fourth iteration, the LX elevates refinement to unprecedented levels through a comprehensive optimization of nearly every component. Embracing an entirely new 20% more rigid GA-F platform, the vehicle establishes a sturdy underpinning for its body-on-frame construction. Notably, a substantial weight reduction of 441 pounds compared to its predecessor contributes to enhanced agility, complemented by increased body rigidity.

The driving force behind the LX is a potent 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine, delivering high output and torque. The introduction of the Electronically Controlled Brake (ECB) system and Electric Power Steering (EPS) further refines vehicle control, ensuring superior performance both on-road and off-road.

Step beyond the aluminum doors, and the LX unveils an entirely new cabin designed for optimal comfort and functionality. The instrument panel introduces the Lexus Interface, featuring the brand’s first dual display configuration. With a 12.3-inch upper screen and a 7-inch lower screen, this setup enhances the driving experience through diverse views, instrumentation, and control adjustments.

The exterior design of the LX seeks a harmonious blend of athletic performance, practical functionality, and striking beauty – a design philosophy initiated with the all-new NX. Crucial to the LX’s aesthetic are optimized proportions that seamlessly merge sophistication with power and a commanding presence.

Central to the LX’s philosophy is its commitment to catering to a diverse range of customers and lifestyles. This perspective has led to the expansion of the LX’s lineup, introducing the all-new Ultra Luxury and F SPORT grades. The Ultra Luxury variant offers opulent travel comfort with four independent seats, ensuring a lavish experience on all road surfaces. For those desiring a sportier aesthetic and feel, the F SPORT grade provides unique touches and handling enhancements.


Through the adoption of the new GA-F platform and a ground-up redesign of the vehicle’s framework, engineers meticulously refined the fundamental characteristics of the LX, achieving a lower center of gravity and reduced weight. Simultaneously, an increase in body rigidity was pursued, aligning with the principles of the Lexus Driving Signature to deliver a seamlessly composed and supremely comfortable driving experience. The 2022 LX sheds an impressive 441 pounds compared to its predecessor, contributing to a poised demeanor during turns, acceleration, and deceleration, while also enhancing stability in off-road driving scenarios.

The pursuit of exceptional off-road driving performance and on-road handling stability is evident in the meticulous design of the front high-mounted double wishbone suspension, suspension geometry, and optimized coil springs. This configuration not only ensures outstanding vehicle stability but also elevates ride comfort. The suspension stroke, a critical factor for off-road prowess, is extended with 100 mm/3.93 in. of bound and 145 mm/5.7 in. of rebound – a 15 mm/0.6 in. increase from the previous model, contributing to outstanding performance on both terrains.

The capable four-link axle-type suspension with rear lateral control arms is retained from the previous model, with refined suspension arms and shock absorber layout to enhance control of axle movement. This refinement translates to improved vehicle stability and ride comfort. A 20 mm/0.8 in. increase in rebound stroke compared to the previous model ensures excellent road-following performance.

The strategic placement of rear shock absorbers outside of the lower control arm, along with an adjusted mounting angle, facilitates enhanced damping effects. This design allows the shock absorbers to seamlessly track the vertical movement of the wheels, effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations from the road surface. The result is an exceptional level of vehicle stability, underscoring the commitment to an unparalleled driving experience in the 2022 LX.

The 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine, designated as the V35A-FTS engine, represents a departure from the previous naturally aspirated V8, showcasing a more compact form while delivering heightened output and torque through turbocharging technology. Generating an impressive 409 hp (415 PS) and a peak torque of 479 lb.-ft., this power plant maintains its formidable torque across a broad range, extending up to approximately 3,600 rpm. This characteristic enhances its versatility, ensuring ease of handling not only in on-road scenarios but also during off-road adventures, where frequent low-speed operation is often required.

The Direct Shift-10AT (10-speed automatic transmission) introduces a seamless start reminiscent of a torque converter’s smoothness. Additionally, it offers manual transmission-like direct acceleration by engaging lockup through almost the entirety of its operational range, excluding initial vehicle startup. The cross-gear ratio configuration, bringing gear ratios closer together, combined with swift gear shift times, results in crisp and rhythmic gear changes that synchronize with the engine’s sound.

Designed for optimal comfort and performance, the transmission employs a wide range of gear ratios. The low first gear enhances driving force for smooth starts at low speeds, facilitating powerful low-speed off-road performance. Conversely, the high gearing in the 10th gear ensures a low engine speed during high-speed cruising, promoting a quiet ride and fuel efficiency.

In recognition of the LX’s off-road capabilities, an oil pan guard is strategically placed on the lower body of the automatic transmission. This addition, tailored for off-road performance, serves to mitigate the risk of damage to the oil pan from unexpected impacts to the underfloor, especially when traversing rugged terrains.

The LX undergoes a transformative enhancement of its fundamental dynamic characteristics through the pioneering adoption of the GA-F platform by Lexus, coupled with a substantial weight reduction of 441 pounds. This evolution, complemented by the high-output, high-torque twin-turbocharged engine, Electronically Controlled Brake (ECB), and Electric Power Steering (EPS), creates an immersive Lexus Driving Signature. This signature is marked by a driving performance that seamlessly unites deceleration, steering, and acceleration in every driving scenario. The incorporation of a new Active Height Control (AHC) system and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) contributes to heightened grip, traction, and control, instilling a profound sense of strength and security.
While maintaining its frame-based structure and preserving the traditional off-road driving prowess and vehicle stability inherited from its predecessor, the new LX achieves an exceptional level of vehicle control. This, in conjunction with supreme on-road ride comfort, marks a significant stride forward, exemplifying the LX’s versatility in seamlessly bridging the worlds of off-road capability and on-road refinement.

The AHC suspension, designed to dynamically adapt the ride height to the driving environment, now introduces an extended range of ride height positions. Utilizing shock absorbers, gas and hydraulic springs, and metal springs for height adjustments, a notable enhancement involves the incorporation of a spring rate-switching device for both front and rear wheels. This innovation reduces the time required for ride height adjustments. While in motion, the vehicle offers three settings for ride height (Normal, Hi1, and Hi2), with an additional Low setting facilitating passenger ingress and egress.

Ride height adjustments are automatically influenced by the activation of Drive Mode Select or Multi-Terrain Select and the selected status of the transfer case. The current ride height status is not only visible on the gauge panel but also on the 7-inch touch display. Beyond adjusting vehicle height, AHC responds to changes in vehicle posture, such as pitch and roll, optimizing spring rates during turning, acceleration, and deceleration for enhanced stability.

In coordination with the transfer case being in the L4 range or the mode selected during Multi-Terrain Select usage, the suspension automatically transitions to Hi1 or Hi2 based on the road environment. In Hi1 or Hi2 mode, the system dynamically adjusts the vehicle height relative to the vehicle’s speed, minimizing interference with the road surface and enhancing handling stability.

To accommodate diverse driving conditions, the springs are adjusted to be softer for a comfortable ride over bumps in urban driving and stiffened for a flat and stable ride around curves. An additional convenience is the automatic adjustment of vehicle height while in motion, with a lowering feature when at a standstill for ease of passenger entry and exit.

The introduction of a linear solenoid valve system ensures precise damping force switching response, enabling refined and smooth control based on the road surface and driving conditions. This allows the damping force to be set low for a comfortable ride over bumps during urban driving and high for a stable feeling when navigating curves. This versatility in damping force adjustment contributes to an adaptive and responsive suspension system in the new LX.

The new Electric Power Steering (EPS) system marks a departure from traditional hydraulics, utilizing a motor and reduction gear for enhanced precision and adaptability. This innovation allows for subtle tuning, delivering a light steering sensation at low speeds, ideal for off-road driving, and a substantial steering weightiness at higher speeds. The vehicle exhibits a faithful and linear response to steering inputs. At low speeds, the light steering sensation serves to alleviate driver fatigue, while at higher speeds, a controlled steering force in correlation with the vehicle’s speed imparts a driving experience characteristic of the Lexus Driving Signature.
The Electronically Controlled Brake system integrates a sensor to gauge brake pedal depression, generating braking force through hydraulic brakes to achieve more linear braking characteristics. Specifically tailored for off-road driving with the Multi-Terrain Select engaged, the system excels in maintaining high driving stability. This is achieved through meticulous braking control to counteract slipping or spinning wheels, ensuring a heightened level of control and confidence when navigating challenging terrains.

Enhancing both off-road and on-road performance, the new LX introduces 22-inch forged aluminum wheels, marking the largest in the Lexus lineup. This addition is designed to elevate on-road capabilities. Furthermore, the unsprung weight of all wheels, including the 18-inch and 20-inch variants, has been meticulously reduced to optimize rolling resistance values, contributing to improved overall performance.
Exclusive to the F SPORT grade, the implementation of a Torsen® LSD (Limited Slip Differential) enhances traction performance for the rear tires. During acceleration within a turn, it intelligently redistributes driving force based on the load on the rear left and right wheels, achieving a superior level of control performance. In straight-line driving, the system adeptly responds to changes in road conditions, enhancing overall stability and contributing to a heightened driving experience.

The new LX demonstrates a significant evolution in its capability to navigate challenging terrains. Beyond refining “hardware” performance features, such as its time-tested body-on-frame structure and rear rigid suspension, the LX introduces advanced “software” features that enhance its off-road prowess. Notable among these are the Multi-Terrain Select (MTS) and Crawl Control systems, designed to optimize performance across diverse terrains.

Moreover, the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies dedicated to supporting off-road driving, including the Multi-Terrain Monitor (MTM) and the introduction of the LX’s first dual display, elevates the LX’s off-road capabilities to a new level. These features provide drivers with enhanced visibility and control, fostering a greater sense of confidence when navigating through harsh and challenging environments. The comprehensive integration of both hardware and software advancements underscores the LX’s commitment to delivering a robust and confident off-road driving experience.

The new LX upholds the enduring design principle of a 2,850 mm/112 in. wheelbase, a golden ratio inherited from the original model introduced in 1995. This configuration strikes a harmonious balance, delivering high-level performance on challenging terrains while ensuring a spacious and comfortable interior. The crucial ground obstacle angles, including the approach angle, departure angle, and ramp break angle, remain consistent, maintaining the vehicle’s capability to navigate rough terrain adeptly.

Key off-road performance metrics, such as the maximum stable inclination angle of 44 degrees, climbing ability of 45 degrees, and maximum river crossing performance of 700 mm/27.5 in., are preserved at the same level as the previous model. This continuity underscores the LX’s commitment to maintaining its renowned off-road capabilities, providing drivers with the confidence to tackle diverse and demanding environments.

The instrument panel of the new LX introduces Lexus’ pioneering Lexus Interface dual display, featuring a 12.3-inch upper screen and a 7-inch lower screen strategically designed to provide information without causing distraction. The upper 12.3-inch display is dedicated to showcasing navigation, audio controls, and the Multi-Terrain Monitor during off-road driving. Meanwhile, the lower 7-inch touch display serves a dual purpose, presenting the climate control screen and acting as a driving-support screen for the Multi-Terrain Select feature.

This innovative setup allows for the simultaneous display of the camera image on the upper screen and real-time vehicle status on the lower screen. By presenting this information concurrently, the driver can effectively monitor off-road driving conditions in a safer manner, eliminating the need to switch between displays and ensuring a more intuitive and secure driving experience.

The all-new LX introduces the Multi-Terrain Select feature, empowering the driver with the ability to choose from six modes – Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow, and Rock – catering to diverse off-road driving conditions. Unlike conventional systems where brake hydraulics, drive power, and suspension operate independently, the LX integrates and controls these elements, optimizing their functions according to the selected mode. This integration ensures that the vehicle’s driving performance is finely tuned to match the prevailing road conditions.

Notably, the operating range of Multi-Terrain Select has expanded beyond the low range (L4) to include the high range (H4). The addition of the Auto mode, a first for Lexus, leverages data from various sensors to dynamically assess road conditions during driving. Subsequently, it optimizes brake hydraulic pressure, driving force, and suspension control to deliver ideal driving performance across a range of conditions. This innovation alleviates the need for manual mode switching, allowing the driver to maintain optimal performance seamlessly and effortlessly.

Activated when the vehicle is in low range, Crawl Control is a feature that empowers the LX to move forward or in reverse at one of five driver-selected low-speed settings: LO, MIDL, MID, MIDH, and HIGH. Crawl Control operates by intelligently coordinating the engagement and disengagement of engine output and hydraulic braking pressure. This meticulous orchestration serves to minimize tire slippage and optimize chassis behavior, providing enhanced control and stability in challenging off-road conditions.

In the context of descending a steep slope, the system is engineered to autonomously regulate the hydraulic pressure of the brakes on all four wheels. This design aims to facilitate a stable descent without locking the wheels. With the selected vehicle speed maintained through the operation of a switch, the driver can focus on steering operations without the need to concern themselves with braking and accelerating. This feature effectively alleviates the burden on the driver during challenging descents, promoting a safer and more controlled off-road driving experience.

The Multi-Terrain Monitor harnesses the capabilities of four cameras strategically placed around the vehicle, enabling the driver to obtain a comprehensive view of the surroundings. The captured images from the front, side, and rear cameras can be seamlessly interchanged and displayed on the expansive 12.3-inch screen. This allows the driver to monitor road conditions, particularly in areas that are commonly obscured by the driver’s blind spots.

A groundbreaking addition is the Lexus-first Back Underfloor View, which presents images of the foreground captured in advance as transparent underfloor images. This innovative feature superimposes the vehicle and wheel positions over this transparent underfloor image, providing the driver with crucial information about underfloor conditions and front-wheel positioning. Another valuable view involves rendering the vehicle transparent, with a magnified image showcasing the area around the rear wheels. This view assists the driver in assessing conditions around the rear wheels and estimating distances to obstacles, enhancing overall awareness and safety in various driving situations.


The Lexus-first Ultra Luxury grade, with its four-seat configuration, elevates the LX lineup by placing special emphasis on the rear passenger experience. Aiming for unparalleled comfort, the front seat can move forward, and its reclining angle is controllable up to 48 degrees. For an expansive VIP seating experience with a maximum leg space of 1,100 mm/43 in., the rear seat display behind the front passenger seat can be folded down to allow for forward visibility. This luxurious seating posture is easily achieved with the push of a button on the rear control panel. To enhance comfort further, a footrest behind the front passenger seat can be deployed, providing a maximum comfort experience from head to toe.

The rear seats boast Ultra Luxury-exclusive curved headrests, seatbacks, and cushions that gently envelop the head, hips, and lower body. Crafted for VIP seating, these seats help offset lateral G-forces and navigate irregular road surfaces. Their design promotes a secure posture, and the use of soft urethane with superior vibration absorption ensures stability even in off-road driving conditions.

In terms of added comfort features, the Ultra Luxury grade includes sunshades on side and quarter windows, reading lights, and a rear seat display as standard. The Ultra Luxury-exclusive air conditioning system introduces unique overhead ceiling vents, providing a refreshing full-body comfort breeze experience.

Every detail is meticulously considered, with the rear control panel serving as the central hub for managing all functions and equipment related to the rear passenger experience. Placing wireless charging at a lowered position ensures visibility while seated in a reclined position. The cup holders come with lids, and when closed, the resulting surface, coated with scratch-resistant self-healing paint, can be used as a note table. The spacious console box provides ample storage, and the inclusion of a DC power supply, USB ports, and headphone jacks enhances functionality for the rear passengers. This relentless attention to detail showcases a design driven by imagination and a focus on delivering a seamless and intuitive guest experience.

For those seeking a more dynamic and sporty appearance, the F SPORT grade is now available for the LX, introducing distinctive design elements and performance enhancements.
The F SPORT grade boasts unique styling features, including exclusive 22-inch forged aluminum wheels and an F mesh design spindle grille with a jet-black chrome grille frame. Inside the cabin, the steering wheel and shifter showcase textured genuine leather for an enhanced sense of style and grip, complemented by the exclusive F SPORT emblem applied throughout. The F SPORT grade offers a custom-crafted F-designed seat, providing enhanced lateral support against g-forces. Ultra White (exterior) with Circuit Red (interior) is exclusively offered for the F SPORT grade.
Driving performance for the F SPORT grade is enhanced with uniquely tuned standard front and rear performance dampers, a Torsen® LSD (Limited Slip Differential), and a rear stabilizer. The Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) undergo special tuning to deliver a performance-focused response and handling stability unique to the F SPORT variant. This combination of design and performance enhancements ensures that the F SPORT grade offers a distinct and dynamic driving experience within the LX lineup.

The all-new Lexus next-generation interior and exterior design seamlessly blend superior function with breathtaking aesthetics. The design incorporates a cab-backward concept by pulling the front A-pillars rearward, creating a dynamic driving image, accentuated by a robust torso and the use of 22-inch wheels—the largest in the Lexus lineup. The spindle grille, a focal point of the design, features a three-dimensional shape comprised of seven sets of floating bars, forming a seamless and frame-free structure. This design is not just about aesthetics; meticulous fine-tuning of the thickness of each bar to the millimeter ensures optimal cooling performance for the twin-turbo engine.

The headlamps evolve with L-shaped clearance lamps (incorporating daytime running lamp functionality) into a three-dimensional shape. Their inner lenses doubled with varying levels, create a sense of depth and change in appearance based on the viewing angle.

The side profile exudes a strong sense of unity and mass, characterized by a thick, horizontal torso running the length of the vehicle and merging seamlessly with muscular rear wheel arches. The quarter pillars narrow from the roof to the back window, while a distinctive chiseled flow from the underside of the vehicle rises from the lower edge of the rocker panels to behind the rear tires.

The redesigned rear LEXUS logo, as introduced on the 2022 NX, symbolizes the next generation of Lexus. The rear combination lamps feature tail lamps that integrate an L-shape, creating a continuous axial flow from the front to the shoulders and then to the rear silhouette.

The new 22-inch forged aluminum wheels, featuring a striking black and machined brilliance contrast, emphasize their record size for Lexus. The Ultra Luxury grade enhances the visual impact with a deep three-dimensional effect achieved through high-gloss paint, giving the tires and wheels a presence befitting the LX’s substantial size. The meticulous design approach ensures that both form and function harmonize to create a visually stunning and technologically advanced luxury SUV.

New for 2022, the North American-developed Lexus Interface multimedia system seamlessly integrates into the LX, providing an intuitive and dynamic way to navigate life’s twists and turns. The system features a 12.3-inch upper touchscreen paired with an exclusive 7-inch lower touchscreen, offering occupants easy access to cutting-edge technology. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the screen enhances user interaction through sight, touch, and voice, ensuring a well-balanced and accessible experience.

The Lexus Interface introduces a new Voice Assistant developed with a human-centered approach, serving as the primary means for guests to interact with the multimedia system. Equipped with dual microphones and speaker location capability, along with enhanced noise-cancellation, the Voice Assistant facilitates a voice-first approach. This allows front seat occupants to engage in an expanded and interactive experience, accessing navigation, media, phone functions, and other vehicle control settings effortlessly.

In line with the prevalence of smartphones, Lexus Interface provides an intuitive and straightforward guest experience. The User Profile feature allows the driver’s personalized settings and experience to be stored in the cloud, accessible on the go in other Lexus Interface-equipped vehicles. Once a profile is created in the Lexus App, guests can access it using a Bluetooth handheld device, smart key, or manual login.

The native navigation system within Lexus Interface prioritizes ease of use and functional beauty. It boasts 100% cloud capability and integrates Google Points of Interest data, ensuring faster and more accurate directions and mapping. Over-the-air (OTA) updates provide real-time updates for mapping and enriched media experiences. The native navigation is accessible to occupants with or without a network connection, thanks to an Offline mode that detects low connectivity areas and downloads relevant maps and services in advance. This comprehensive system underscores Lexus’s commitment to providing a state-of-the-art and user-friendly multimedia experience for its drivers and passengers.

The 2022 LX comes equipped with the Lexus Safety System+ 2.5, incorporating a comprehensive suite of key active safety features. The Pre-Collision System (PCS) includes Frontal Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Pedestrian Detection, and Bicyclist Detection. The system’s enhancements to the lens camera and millimeter-wave radar elements expand the response range. This allows the system to detect not only the vehicle ahead but also a preceding bicyclist in daytime and even a preceding pedestrian in both daytime and low-light conditions. At intersections, the system, under certain conditions, can recognize an oncoming vehicle during a left-hand turn or a pedestrian during left and right-hand turns, activating typical PCS functions if necessary. Emergency Steering Assist (ESA) is included, designed to assist steering within the vehicle’s lane as prompted by the driver.

All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) can be activated above 30 mph, performing vehicle-to-vehicle distance controls down to 0 mph and resuming from a stop. DRCC includes a feature for smooth overtaking of slower vehicles. When traveling behind a slower vehicle, engaging the turn signal prompts an initial acceleration increase, and after the lane change, the vehicle continues accelerating until reaching the original preset speed.

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/ SA) notifies the driver of inadvertent lane departure above 32 mph through steering wheel vibrations or audible alerts. It can also take slight corrective measures to help keep the driver within the marked lane. When DRCC is set and engaged, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) provides slight steering force to help steer to the center of the lane, using visible lane markers or a preceding vehicle. LTA alerts the driver visually and through either an audible alert or steering wheel vibration.

Additional features of Lexus Safety System+ 2.5 include Intelligent High Beams, automatically switching between high and low beam headlights based on preceding or oncoming vehicles. Road Sign Assist (RSA) acquires certain road sign information using a camera and navigation maps, displaying it on the multi-information display (MID) when data is available.

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