2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Japanese Version Unveiled

During the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, at the Artuk AIRTREK new car launch event, GAC Mitsubishi made an exciting announcement regarding the upcoming release of a highly anticipated vehicle in the following year. Based on the presentation slides, the forthcoming model slated for a 2022 debut is none other than the all-new Outlander, affirming the alignment with the previously disclosed internal roadmap of the automotive company. Scheduled for production initiation at GAC Mitsubishi in October 2021, the grand unveiling of the sleek and innovative Outlander is anticipated in 2022. The Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the most compelling offerings in the highly competitive Midsize Crossover SUVs segment, and this new refresh ensures its mainstay status.

Refined Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, the new car boasts a captivating front-face lamp group with a distinct design philosophy. The headlight lamp group, characterized by its narrow and elongated profile, exudes a sporty and fashionable aura. Noteworthy is the fog lamp area and the chrome trim strips beneath, resembling the iconic “Dalihu” style, named after the painter Dali, featuring a narrower and longer configuration akin to the artist’s signature facial hair, curled upwards. Enhancing the robust and fashionable appeal, the exterior of the lower air intake is adorned with substantial chrome trim, contributing an element of solidity and ruggedness to complement the car’s overall sense of style and dynamism, resulting in a visually enriched effect.

Examining the new car from a lateral perspective, it showcases a distinctive suspended roof design, with roof lines gently descending, amplifying the overall sense of dynamism. The body’s waistline exhibits a profound contour, gracefully extending across the front and rear door handles, with rounded terminations at both ends. This design choice not only enhances recognition but also draws a clear demarcation between the new model and its predecessor.

Moving to the rearview, the new car presents an intricate design, featuring a concave diamond-shaped outline intricately connecting with the lines of the trunk tailgate. The taillights of the new Outlander, elongated and slender, echo the design language of the front headlights. When observed from a 45° angle at the rear, the taillights form a distinctive “T-shape,” imparting a stylish and harmonious aesthetic. The dual-sided exhaust model is accentuated by chrome trim, contributing to an overall polished exterior.

Refined Interior

Stepping inside, the interior design reflects simplicity and technological sophistication. The elongated and narrow air-conditioning outlet spans almost the entire center console, creating a visually expansive effect. The new car boasts a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 9-inch floating central control screen with a sleek, design-oriented profile. This screen supports the Smartphone-link Display Audio navigation system, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay functions, complemented by a physical knob. Notably, this model introduces a 10.8-inch head-up display (HUD).

Safety features

Addressing safety features, the new car is equipped with the MI-PILOT Assist driving assistance system, encompassing adaptive cruise control (ACC) and lane-keeping assist (LKA). Impressively, the vehicle boasts a comprehensive safety net with a total of 11 airbags.

Refreshed performance

Under the hood, international variants of the new model feature a freshly developed 2.5L engine from Mitsubishi Motors, coupled with a CVT gearbox in the transmission system, promising a refined and powerful driving experience.