Autofocus: 2022 Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition

The development of the GR Corolla Morizo Edition was driven by the unwavering determination of President Toyoda to create a vehicle that embodies captivating and untamed energy. Several key enhancements were made to achieve this goal and provide an exhilarating driving experience.

Thorough weight reduction measures were implemented in the GR Corolla Morizo Edition. The removal of the rear seat and other weight-saving initiatives contribute to lighter overall vehicle weight, enhancing agility and responsiveness. By reducing weight, the vehicle benefits from improved acceleration, sharper handling, and increased overall performance.

The engine torque has been increased to deliver a more thrilling driving experience. With optimized transmission gear ratios, the GR Corolla Morizo Edition provides enhanced power delivery and stronger mid-range torque output. These improvements result in improved acceleration, allowing drivers to feel a surge of power and excitement during their drives.

To further enhance the vehicle’s dynamic performance, the GR Corolla Morizo Edition features monotube shock absorbers and high-performance tires. The monotube shock absorbers provide improved suspension control, ensuring precise handling and stability during spirited driving. The high-performance tires offer increased grip and traction, enabling the vehicle to corner with confidence and precision.

Collectively, these enhancements in weight reduction, increased engine torque, optimized transmission gear ratios, and improved cornering execution create a dynamic driving experience that excites and ignites the desire to continue driving. The GR Corolla Morizo Edition is designed to deliver captivating and untamed energy, reflecting President Toyoda’s commitment to creating cars that truly captivate customers and offer a thrilling driving experience.

GR Corolla Morizo Edition vehicle overview (comparison with the GR Corolla RZ)

The GR Corolla Morizo Edition, a special variant of the Toyota GR Corolla, features several unique enhancements and design elements that further enhance its performance and aesthetics.

One significant change is the removal of the rear seat, transforming the GR Corolla Morizo Edition into a two-seater configuration. This modification helps reduce the vehicle’s weight by approximately 30 kilograms, further enhancing its overall performance and agility.

The maximum torque of the GR Corolla Morizo Edition has been increased from 370 Nm to 400 Nm, providing improved acceleration performance, especially in the mid-range RPMs. This increase in torque contributes to enhanced power delivery and a more exhilarating driving experience.

To enhance body rigidity, an additional 3.3 meters of structural adhesive has been applied, and body reinforcement braces have been added. These measures further strengthen the vehicle’s chassis, improving stability, handling, and overall driving dynamics.

The GR Corolla Morizo Edition features lower-geared differential gears and closer gear ratios for the first, second, and third gears. These changes improve the vehicle’s dynamic performance and provide a satisfying sensation of gear engagement, allowing for a more thrilling and engaging driving experience.

The vehicle is equipped with high-grip tires that have been widened by 10 mm. This modification improves cornering stability and enhances braking performance, enabling drivers to confidently tackle corners and enjoy sharper handling.

Inside the GR Corolla Morizo Edition, exclusive semi-bucket seats are designed to hold the body firmly, providing excellent support during spirited driving and ensuring precise control even under considerable g-forces. The interior is further enhanced by door trim ornamentation, a cast-black-painted instrument panel, and other touches, creating a sporty and sophisticated ambiance. The steering wheel and center console are upholstered in Ultrasuede®, adding a touch of luxury to the overall interior design.

The exterior of the GR Corolla Morizo Edition features an exclusive Matte Steel color, giving the vehicle a distinctive and eye-catching appearance. The front windshield bears Morizo’s signature, symbolizing the unique and meticulous approach taken in creating this special edition variant.

2022 Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition

Overall, the GR Corolla Morizo Edition combines performance enhancements, unique design elements, and refined details to provide an exclusive and exciting driving experience for enthusiasts who appreciate both driving dynamics and aesthetics.

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