Autofocus: 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The Toyota Land Cruiser is an undisputed automotive legend, boasting a remarkable heritage of accomplishments spanning 70 years and surpassing 10 million sales across 170 countries and regions. Toyota takes pride in proclaiming the Land Cruiser as a vehicle capable of traversing any terrain and bringing its occupants back safe and sound.

In a groundbreaking online world premiere hosted in Dubai, Toyota unveils the all-new Land Cruiser. This marks a significant moment as the Land Cruiser (300 Series) emerges as the first station wagon model in the Land Cruiser SW series since the introduction of the LC 200 in 2007. Positioned as the new flagship of the SUV range, this model introduces unprecedented changes and innovations to the Land Cruiser lineup.

With the new Land Cruiser 300 introduction, Toyota is solidifying its reputation for Quality, Durability, and Reliability (QDR), along with enhancing off-road performance and on-road capability to ensure drivers feel confident on any chosen route.

The engine, transmission, and platform of the Land Cruiser 300 are entirely new, engineered to deliver a significant advancement in performance on both roads and the most challenging off-road terrains. The incorporation of innovations and improvements, including world-first technologies, has been executed without compromising any aspect of the Land Cruiser’s renowned capability. The goal is to provide performance that drivers can trust, ensuring a safe and secure journey both on and off-road.

To achieve these objectives, Toyota has employed the new TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform, specifically designed for a body-on-frame vehicle. The GA-F platform maintains exceptional off-road capability while introducing benefits such as enhanced body rigidity, strength, dynamic balance, and improved on-road performance. It serves as the foundation for implementing new technologies, reducing weight, lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity, enhancing safety, and enabling fresh designs for both the exterior and interior.

The frame itself underwent a redesign to save weight and enhance rigidity, resulting in the new Land Cruiser being 200 kg lighter than its predecessor. New suspension systems were introduced, with performance rigorously tested by master drivers and those experienced in the demanding Dakar Rally. The objective was to create an SUV that is not only highly capable but also easy for the driver to control, both on and off-road.

Key focus areas included tuning suspension performance for optimal wheel articulation, maintaining tire contact with the ground on rough terrain, and improving road-holding through the implementation of a world-first Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS). Additionally, the new Land Cruiser 300 is the first Toyota model to feature a Multi-Terrain Monitor, providing the driver with a real-time view of the road surface beneath and around the vehicle, along with the position of the wheels. The Multi-Terrain Select system automatically assesses the driving surface quality and selects the most suitable driving mode.

The advancements in driving dynamics and handling of the new Land Cruiser 300 are underpinned by cutting-edge V6 twin-turbo engines—available in 3.5-litre petrol and 3.3-litre diesel variants—meticulously engineered to deliver class-leading performance and superior driveability, surpassing conventional V8 engines. Complementing these engines is a new 10-speed automatic transmission that not only enhances performance but also contributes to an impressive 10% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to the current generation model.

These engineering strides are harmonized with a fresh design that remains true to the model’s heritage and prestige while introducing a novel concept of “functional beauty.” The Land Cruiser 300’s commanding and sleek lines convey not only the SUV’s formidable strength but also a heightened sense of sophistication and maturity. Inside the cabin, a heightened level of sensory appeal creates a space where both driver and passenger can feel at ease and secure, regardless of the ruggedness of the driving environment.

Prioritizing precise vehicle placement during off-road excursions, the new Land Cruiser 300 maintains the dimensions of the current SW model, including overall length and width, wheelbase, and departure and approach angles.

The focus on safety is intensified, encompassing the inherent robustness of the vehicle’s construction and advanced systems tailored for secure driving in challenging conditions. Additional and upgraded active safety and driver assistance systems, part of the second-generation Toyota Safety Sense, further enhance safety measures. The Pre-Collision System now boasts increased accident avoidance capabilities, detecting pedestrians (day and night) and daytime bicycle riders in the vehicle’s path. When turning at junctions, the system identifies potential collision hazards with oncoming traffic and pedestrians crossing the road. The Land Cruiser 300 introduces the new Parking Support Brake, recognizing obstacles in front and behind the car when maneuvering slowly in a car park and approaching vehicles and pedestrians during reverse parking.

The Land Cruiser boasts a rich legacy of delivering 70 years of safe and secure performance. Its roots can be traced back to the original Toyota BJ model of 1951, a vehicle that showcased its capability to navigate challenging conditions by achieving the remarkable feat of reaching the sixth checkpoint on the slopes of Mount Fuji. This demonstration of strength led to its recruitment as a police patrol car across Japan, marking the inception of the Land Cruiser’s commitment to providing safe and secure performance.

This early episode laid the groundwork for the Land Cruiser’s enduring tradition of reliability, durability, and off-road prowess—a tradition that forms the bedrock of Toyota’s current standing as a leading mobility company. With global cumulative Land Cruiser sales reaching approximately 10.4 million units*, the vehicle’s reputation is firmly established on consistently high levels of performance across reliability, durability, and off-road capabilities.