The BMW 3 Series stands as the benchmark for sporty driving enjoyment, setting the standard against which all compact luxury sedan contenders are evaluated. Boasting over 45 years of worldwide acclaim, the 3 Series remains the epitome of the BMW brand’s essence. The 2023 BMW 3 Series accentuates its dynamic personality through precise design enhancements. The revamped cockpit, featuring the innovative BMW Curved Display, introduces groundbreaking modernity and digitalization to the interior. Subtle yet discernible refinements to the exterior convey the commitment to delivering a uniquely gratifying driving experience. The BMW 3 series is one of the best compact luxury sedans in Kenya, and this new redesign further cements its place in this all important segment. You can browse through our inventory and check out a handpicked selection of cars for sale.

A global success story and segment leader
Since its inaugural release in 1975, the BMW 3 Series has amassed an impressive sales record, surpassing 16 million units across its various generations. Notably, the current generation, introduced in 2019, has garnered the preference of over 1.1 million customers. This remarkable figure underscores a notably robust demand, surpassing that of any preceding 3 Series generations within the same initial three-year timeframe. With its substantial appeal, the BMW 3 Series contributes significantly to the brand’s global vehicle sales, constituting approximately 14 percent of the total.

Drivetrains that emphasize economy or performance, sacrificing neither
One of the distinctive hallmarks of the BMW 3 Series lies in its diverse range of drivetrains, skillfully striking a harmonious balance between driving exhilaration and fuel efficiency. The 330i, equipped with a potent 2-liter TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine, delivers robust power and expansive torque, ensuring spirited acceleration while maintaining exceptional fuel economy. For enthusiasts seeking an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on driving engagement, the 330e stands out as the preferred plug-in hybrid, combining efficiency with dynamic performance and zero-emissions capability.

In a significant update for the 2022 model year, the 3-liter TwinPower Turbo inline-6 engine was enhanced with 48V mild hybrid technology, further elevating its performance and efficiency. Notably, all these options come with the flexibility of optional xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive, enhancing traction and control in various driving conditions.

This comprehensive lineup within the BMW 3 Series caters to a diverse spectrum of customer preferences, uniting those with distinct tastes under a common appreciation for driving pleasure, sophisticated sporty design, and cutting-edge technology.

Exterior design: Undeniably sporty, unmistakably BMW
Meticulously crafted enhancements to the exterior design of the new BMW 3 Series serve to accentuate its driving-oriented character with even greater clarity. As a standard feature, both the front and rear aprons receive a sporty makeover, contributing to an overall dynamic aesthetic. The iconic BMW kidney grille and twin headlight accents have undergone a careful redesign, amplifying the visual impact of the vehicle.

For those desiring an elevated level of stylistic dynamism, the optional M Sport package, available on 330i and 330e models, offers an additional layer of sophistication. This package goes beyond the standard design, allowing enthusiasts to intensify the sporty expression of the BMW 3 Series, underscoring its commitment to driving pleasure with every nuanced detail.

Expressive front end: BMW kidney grille and headlights redesigned
The front apron of the new BMW 3 Series boldly communicates its sporting intent through crisply structured surfaces, dynamic lines, and generously sized air intakes. These design elements collectively underscore the vehicle’s commitment to a dynamic driving experience. The redesigned headlights and kidney grille play a pivotal role in enhancing the car’s visual impact.

The standard full-LED headlights, characterized by their slimmer profile, clear contours, and daytime driving lights arranged in an inverted L-shape, contribute to a modern and harmonious aesthetic. Notably, the outer elements of the daytime driving lights also serve as turn indicators, seamlessly integrating functionality with style. The BMW kidney grille, a hallmark of the brand, adopts a more robust appearance with lightly modified contours and new double bars, ensuring instant recognition. Further accentuating the dynamic stance, high-gloss black air intakes positioned beneath the kidney grille not only add a touch of flair to the styling but also play a functional role by directing cool air to the front brakes. These carefully executed design elements collectively contribute to the strong visual presence of the new BMW 3 Series.

Powerful proportions and structured surfaces at the rear
The redesigned front and rear aprons of the new BMW 3 Series introduce captivating details that enhance the sleek profiles of both models. The taut silhouettes are adorned with horizontal lines, slim light units, well-defined surfaces, and flared rear wheel arches, collectively amplifying the sense of width and a robust rear stance.

As part of the standard specification for all BMW 3 Series models, 18-inch light alloy wheels showcase brand-new designs, contributing to the overall visual appeal. The exterior color palette now includes Skyscraper Grey metallic available across the range and Brooklyn Grey metallic exclusive to M340i models or as an option with the M Sport package on 330i and 330e models. To cater to individual preferences, a diverse selection of special BMW Individual paint finishes will be offered at launch.

Further emphasizing the sporty aesthetic, Shadowline trim is now standard equipment, imparting a bold appearance to the new BMW 3 Series. For those seeking an additional touch of sophistication, the option of Satin Aluminum Line exterior trim is available on 330i and 330e models. These carefully curated design elements collectively contribute to the captivating and personalized visual identity of the new BMW 3 Series.

M Sport package with new design features
The M Sport Package for the new BMW 330i and 330e models introduces design features that are not only more expressive but also exude a heightened sense of power. Notable among these enhancements are chrome accents that accentuate the double bars on the BMW kidney grille, adding a touch of sophistication. The front apron, exclusive to the M Sport Package, boasts a large central air intake with hexagonal contours and a honeycomb pattern, projecting confidence and a distinctly sporty demeanor. The outer edges of the front-end feature deeply recessed air curtains, further emphasizing the width of the vehicle. Moving to the rear, the M Sport-specific rear apron has undergone revision, incorporating vertical reflectors at the outer edges and a substantial diffuser element in the center, unmistakably signaling the sporting instincts of the 3 Series.

In terms of performance, the M Sport Package brings several dynamic elements into play, including M Sport suspension (available on 330i models), variable sport steering, and 19-inch 791M light-alloy wheels equipped with all-season or mixed-performance tires. For an even more personalized driving experience, the Adaptive M Suspension with electronic damping is offered as an alternative to the M Sport suspension on 330i models and is available separately or as part of the Dynamic Handling Package for both 330i and 330e models.

Inside the cabin, the M Sport Package continues to impress with distinctive details, including an M leather steering wheel and interior trim strips in the new Aluminum Rhombicle Anthracite finish. These elements collectively contribute to creating a more dynamic and sport-oriented ambiance for the occupants.

Distinctive appearance for the M340i and M340i xDrive
The BMW Performance models within the new BMW 3 Series are characterized by M-specific exterior features, contributing to their dynamic and high-performance aesthetic. Notably, large air intakes and aerodynamically optimized details enhance the overall visual appeal of these models. The BMW M340i variants, in particular, showcase distinctive design elements that set them apart. These include the eye-catching mesh-design BMW kidney grille, newly designed 18-inch M double-spoke light alloy wheels (with optional 19-inch wheels available), trapezoidal tailpipes, and a body-color-painted M rear spoiler.

In a special nod to the 50th anniversary of BMW M GmbH, the 2023 BMW M340i models will feature the iconic BMW Motorsport roundels on the hood, trunk, and wheel center caps. This classic emblem, characterized by staggered semicircles in blue, violet, and red, pays homage to the original BMW M GmbH trademark used on racing cars since 1973. This unique addition further underscores the heritage and celebratory spirit of the M340i models, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to these already performance-oriented vehicles.

Interior and equipment. Functionality and comfort in their most progressive forms
The interior of the new BMW 3 Series has undergone a thorough update, with a focus on modernization and a reimagined driver-centric experience. Central to this evolution is the introduction of the large BMW Curved Display, representing a cutting-edge cockpit design that places progressive digitalization at its core. This forward-looking approach allows for a significant reduction in the number of physical buttons and controls, giving way to a more intuitive interface through touch and voice commands.

Inside the cabin, occupants can expect a spacious and functional environment, characterized by a high level of acoustic comfort and adorned with high-quality materials that showcase meticulous craftsmanship. The integration of advanced digital services further enhances the driving experience, offering a seamless blend of inimitable driving pleasure and uncompromising premium quality. Whether in everyday use or on extended journeys, the new BMW 3 Series impressively combines modern functionality with a commitment to delivering a superior driving and passenger experience.

Fully digital BMW Curved Display with intuitive touch control
The standard BMW Curved Display sets the benchmark for quality and modernity, featuring frameless glass surfaces subtly angled towards the driver. This state-of-the-art display comprises a 12.3-inch information display positioned behind the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch control display, seamlessly merging into a single, fully digital, and high-resolution unit.

Aesthetic enhancements extend to the central air vents beneath the control display, which now boast a slimmer and more contemporary design. The standard three-zone automatic climate control adds a layer of convenience, allowing adjustments via voice or touch control on the expansive display. Temperature controls for the driver and front passenger are consistently accessible on the display. The progressive design of the cockpit is further elevated by an enlarged surface for the interior trim strip seamlessly integrated into the instrument panel, contributing to an overall sense of sophistication and innovation.

Control panel on the center console with the new gear selector
All-new BMW 3 Series models come as standard with an 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission, now controlled by the new toggle lever on the center console. Steering column-mounted shift paddles are standard.

Powertrain. Leading the way in efficiency and performance
The new BMW 3 Series boasts highly efficient engines featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, augmented by electrification through plug-in hybrid and 48V mild hybrid technologies. This combination ensures that the powertrains available for the 3 Series achieve a delicate equilibrium between delivering driving pleasure and optimizing fuel economy. The integration of advanced technologies reflects a commitment to enhancing performance while addressing the demand for increased fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact. This harmonious blend of power and efficiency aligns with BMW’s dedication to providing a driving experience that is both exhilarating and sustainable.

The fabled BMW inline 6-cylinder engine is enhanced with 48V mild hybrid technology
In the new BMW M340i and M340i xDrive, the integration of mild hybrid technology enhances the performance of the 3-liter inline 6-cylinder engine, delivering exceptionally responsive power delivery and optimized efficiency. The key component of this technology is a 48V starter-generator, which acts as an electric drive unit to support the engine. This support allows the engine to operate within a load range optimized for efficiency, promoting fuel economy.

The 48V starter generator also introduces an electric boost effect, providing the driver with instant power for sharper acceleration when starting from a standstill or requiring a burst of speed for overtaking. Additionally, the system significantly refines the operation of the automatic start/stop function, contributing to a seamless and efficient driving experience.

The mild hybrid system maximizes the utilization of electric power generated through Brake Energy Regeneration, stored in an additional battery. This electric power is not only used to provide an electric boost to the engine but, through a voltage transformer, is also utilized to power the vehicle’s 12V electrical system. This innovative approach enhances the efficiency of various electric-powered systems in the vehicle, showcasing a holistic and forward-thinking approach to optimizing power delivery and energy usage in the BMW M340i models.

The new BMW Operating System 8 and innovative digital services
The introduction of BMW iDrive featuring the latest-generation BMW Operating System 8 in the new BMW 3 Series marks a significant stride into the digital future, characterized by robust connectivity and advanced data processing capabilities. This innovative system facilitates seamless and intuitive interaction between the driver and the vehicle.

BMW Operating System 8 also sees the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant gain new skills. Instructions in natural speech can now be used to adjust the climate control or open or close a side window or the sunroof. Functions of the driver assistance systems in the new BMW 3 Series can also be controlled by voice command.

The BMW Operating System 8 enriches the driving experience by providing a multitude of options for easy, intuitive, and multimodal control over various vehicle functions, including navigation, infotainment, communication, and digital services. The integration of the BMW Curved Display and the continuous evolution of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant highlight a commitment to facilitating dialogue through touch control and natural speech. This user-centric approach underscores BMW’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, offering drivers a sophisticated and connected driving environment in the new 3 Series.

Standard in the new BMW 3 Series: the navigation system BMW Maps
The new BMW 3 Series comes equipped with a standard navigation system that incorporates the advanced BMW Maps, a cloud-based solution. This next-generation navigation system stands out for its swift and dynamic route calculation, leveraging precise real-time traffic data transmitted at short intervals. Anticipatory algorithms are employed to calculate the arrival time, considering typical traffic conditions across the entire route.

In addition to robust navigation features, BMW Maps introduces Connected Parking functionality. This feature assists drivers in locating parking spaces near their destination, adding a layer of convenience to the overall driving experience. The integration of cloud-based navigation and Connected Parking showcases BMW’s commitment to providing drivers with cutting-edge technology to enhance their journey and streamline the parking process in the new 3 Series.

Optimum connectivity with 5G and Personal eSIM
The new BMW 3 Series embraces the era of 5G connectivity, and with the optional Personal eSIM, it introduces DSDA (Dual SIM Dual Active) capability. This cutting-edge feature allows both the Personal eSIM and the Vehicle SIM to remain active simultaneously. Opting for the Personal eSIM empowers customers to seamlessly utilize communication and connectivity functions covered by their mobile agreement directly from their vehicle. Essentially, the vehicle transforms into a device akin to a smartphone or tablet.

The new BMW 3 Series is equipped with its own 5G antenna system, significantly enhancing mobile reception for data and telephone functions. This advanced setup allows up to 10 devices to connect to the internet simultaneously via the vehicle’s mobile hotspot.

It’s worth noting that the Personal eSIM is not tied to the specific vehicle but is associated with the customer’s BMW ID. This flexibility enables the Personal eSIM to be transferred to other BMW vehicles equipped with Personal eSIM functionality. Configuration is streamlined and automatic when users sign in with their BMW ID, making the Personal eSIM readily available for use across different BMW vehicles. This seamless integration underscores BMW’s commitment to providing drivers with the latest in connectivity technology and a personalized, connected driving experience in the new 3 Series.

The 2023 BMW 330i and 330e come standard with the following notable equipment:
• 18-inch double-spoke light alloy wheels style 796 with all-season runflat tires
• 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission
• Sport leather steering wheel
• Moonroof
• Power front seats
• Open Pore Fine Wood Oak Grain trim
• Ambient lighting
• SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 1-year subscription
• Enhanced USB and Bluetooth smartphone integration
• Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility
• Sport seats
• LED headlights and automatic high beams
• BMW Curved Display
• Shadowline exterior trim

M340i models add or substitute the following standard equipment:
• 48V mild hybrid system
• M Sport Brakes with blue calipers
• M Sport differential
• Variable sport steering
• M Sport package
• Aluminum Rhombicle Anthracite trim
• M Sport suspension
• Aerodynamic kit
• Rear Spoiler
• 18-inch M Double-spoke bi-color wheels style 848M with all-season runflat tires
• Comfort Access keyless entry

Optional equipment
• Convenience Package (330i, 330e)
o Comfort Access keyless entry
o Lumbar support – driver
• Driving Assistance Package
o Park Distance Control
o Active Driving Assistant
o Active Blind Spot Detection
o Lane Departure Warning
• Dynamic Handling Package
o 19-inch light alloy bi-color or jet-black wheels style 791M on performance runflat tires
o M Sport brakes with blue or red calipers
o Adaptive M suspension
• Driving Assistance Professional Package
o Extended Traffic Jam Assistant for limited access highways
o Active Cruise Control w/Stop & Go
o Active Lane Keeping Assistant with side collision avoidance
o Traffic Jam Assistant
o Evasion Aid
o Cross Traffic Alert – Front
• Shadowline Package
o Mirror caps in black
o M Sport brakes with blue or red calipers
o M Shadowline lights
o Extended Shadowline trim
• M Sport Package (330i, 330e)
o 19-inch light alloy bi-color or jet-black wheels style 791M on performance or all-season runflat tires
o Variable sport steering
o Choice of Aluminum Rhombicle Anthracite trim, Open Port Fine Wood Oak Grain trim, High Gloss Fine Wood Ash Grey-Brown trim, or Aluminum trim with mesh effect
o M Sport suspension or Adaptive M suspension
o M steering wheel
o Aerodynamic kit
o Rear spoiler
• Parking Assistant Package
o Parking Assistant Plus
o Active Park Distance Control
o Surround View with 3D view
• Premium Package
o Heated steering wheel
o Comfort Access keyless entry (330i, 330e)
o Lumbar support – driver (330i, 330e)
o Heated front seats
o BMW Curved Display with Head-Up Display
• Cooling and High-Performance Tire Package (M340i)
o 19-inch light alloy bi-color double-spoke wheels, style 792M on performance non-runflat tires
o M Technology Package

Standalone Options (330i, 330e)
• Remote engine start
• 19-inch double-spoke bi-color orbit grey wheels, style 793i with all-season runflat tires
• Heated steering wheel
• Adaptive M suspension
• Space-saver spare
• Satin aluminum line exterior trim
• Heated front seats
• Black high-gloss trim
• SensaTec dashboard
• High Gloss Fine Wood Ash Grey-Brown trim
• Park Distance Control
• Harman Kardon surround sound system
• Drive Recorder
• Wireless device charging
• Extended Shadowline trim

Additional standalone options (M340i):
• 19-inch light alloy bi-color double-spoke wheels, style 792M on performance runflat or non-runflat tires
• 19-inch M double spoke jet black wheels, style 791M on performance or all-season runflat tires
• BMW M 50 Years emblems
• M Sport brakes with red calipers

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