Autofocus: 2023 Lexus LS European Version Unveiled

The 2023 lineup of Lexus’ flagship LS sedan promises an enhanced and sophisticated driving experience. Boasting a seamless integration of cutting-edge connectivity technology, the updated range offers supremely smooth performance while providing effortless access to information, communication, and entertainment. The Lexus LS is a mainstay name in the opulent luxury sedan segment, and this refined version further solidifies the LS’ stay in the highly acclaimed list.

Revolutionizing the LS range is the state-of-the-art Lexus Link Multimedia system, now faster and more advanced than ever. This innovative system enables occupants to interact seamlessly with the in-car touchscreen display, utilizing intuitive voice commands or even accessing features remotely via a smartphone. The integration of wireless Apple CarPlay adds a new level of convenience, while wired Android Auto ensures comprehensive connectivity options for a truly modern driving experience.

The standard inclusion of the new Lexus Link Pro elevates the multimedia experience in the 2023 LS range, focusing on a more sophisticated and human-centered approach. Anchored by a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, the system introduces the “Hey Lexus” on-board assistant, a responsive feature adept at executing voice commands for tasks like internet searches, phone calls, and audio or climate control operations.

Beyond the confines of the car, the 2023 LS range extends its functionality and connectivity, enhancing the user experience remotely. Over-the-air updates keep the multimedia software current, while the Lexus Link app allows users to remotely defrost the windscreen and control door locks and hazard lights. For LS 500h owners, the app provides the added convenience of adjusting cabin temperature and steering wheel heating from a distance. It also offers driving analytics, warning light information, hybrid driving advice, and a “find my car” search function.

Effortless navigation is facilitated by a robust solution that combines cloud-based real-time traffic, road, and parking information from the Premium Connectivity service with an “always connected” navigation system. Stress-free driving is further supported by the Digital Panoramic View Monitor, featuring an under-floor see-through view, showcasing conditions beneath the car and tire positions. Complementing the Lexus Safety System +, the Parking Assist Monitor assists in spatial awareness during reversing by projecting the vehicle center line.

The updated center console houses new switches, optimizing switch locations for improved usability and cleaner surfaces. The redesigned multimedia system eliminates the need for the Remote Touch Interface, allowing for refined switch placement. The console shape is also revamped to accommodate easy smartphone storage without the necessity of opening or closing a lid.

Customers can anticipate a more refined and connected experience with the 2023 Model Year LS range, with the first deliveries scheduled for December 2022.