2023 Nissan Serena 90th Anniversary

In honor of Nissan’s 90th year in operation, the renowned Japanese automaker has revealed the launch of an exclusive 90th Anniversary edition for the 2023 Nissan Serena minivan. This special model is designed to commemorate the significant milestone, boasting distinctive copper exterior accents and interior details. The Serena 90th Anniversary edition incorporates unique copper elements in its exterior styling, paying homage to Nissan’s impressive 90-year legacy. Nissan Serena is one of the best midsize vans in Kenya. Noteworthy features include a radiator grille adorned with a copper finish, copper striping on the sleek black door mirrors, smoked 16-inch aluminum wheels, and eye-catching copper contrast stitching on the luxurious black leather seats. Additionally, the model showcases hood and rear decals that shift in color, serving as a visual tribute to the noteworthy anniversary. This Serena variant, crafted as a special edition, is adorned with exclusive copper trim throughout, creating a fitting celebration of Nissan’s rich 90-year history.

At a glance

  • Copper exterior accents distinguish the 2023 Nissan Serena 90th Anniversary edition
  • The radiator grille finisher painted copper represents Nissan EVs
  • Black door mirrors with copper striping unique to the 90th Anniversary model
  • Special 16-inch smoked aluminum wheels mark the milestone
  • Black leather seats feature copper contrast stitching in the cabin
  • Optional 90th Anniversary floor mats, visors and plates available
  • Color-shifting hood and rear decals commemorate the anniversary
  • The special edition integrates copper styling cues celebrating the milestone
  • Limited 90th Anniversary variant appointed specially
  • Distinctive copper trim commemorates Nissan’s 90 years in business

2023 Nissan Serena 90th Anniversary Exterior

Distinguishing itself with a unique exterior design, the 2023 Serena 90th Anniversary edition showcases several standout styling features. The front of the minivan is highlighted by a radiator grille finisher adorned with copper paint, a color symbolic of Nissan’s commitment to electric vehicles. Complementing this, the minivan boasts black door mirrors featuring striking copper striping, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look. Enhancing both style and performance, the special edition Serena rides on exclusive 16-inch aluminum wheels finished with a smoked clear coat, contributing to its distinctive and celebratory appearance.

2023 Nissan Serena 90th Anniversary Interior

Stepping into the cabin, the Serena 90th Anniversary edition envelops passengers in an atmosphere of sophistication. The interior features black synthetic leather seats adorned with copper contrast stitching, seamlessly blending luxury with a touch of celebration. For those seeking additional personalized touches, dealers offer optional accessories such as floor mats embroidered with “90th Anniversary” badges, plastic visors embellished with logos, and license plate frames to enhance the commemorative experience.

Adding a further layer of uniqueness, the minivan boasts a special 90th Anniversary hood and rear accent decals featuring a color-shifting finish, underscoring the significance of this milestone edition. Through the integration of these exclusive copper accents, badging, and commemorative details, the 2023 Nissan Serena 90th Anniversary edition not only delivers distinctive styling but also stands as a specially appointed variant, paying homage to the automaker’s remarkable nine decades in business.