Toyota City, Japan, June 21, 2023—Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) made an official statement today, declaring the initiation of sales for the brand-new Alphard and Vellfire models, both available in gasoline and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) variants. The vehicles were released on June 21st, and in line with our commitment to advancing carbon neutrality, we have strategic intentions to introduce plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) in the coming times.

During the surge of minivan popularity in 2002, Toyota introduced the Alphard as its flagship minivan, catering to customers who sought a touch of luxury. The success of the Alphard led Toyota to develop the Vellfire in 2008, targeting individuals seeking a more distinctive and personalized driving experience. In 2015, the third-generation Alphard showcased notable enhancements, including a refined double-wishbone rear suspension for superior ride comfort and the introduction of the prestigious Executive Lounge grade, further amplifying its luxurious appeal. Toyota’s efforts to elevate the Alphard and Vellfire beyond traditional minivans resulted in the creation of ultra-spacious luxury saloons that captivated a wider customer base.

When conceptualizing the fourth-generation models, the development team focused on defining the value that Alphard and Vellfire should embody. They sought to create spaces where all passengers could experience consideration and appreciation, a concept they named “the joy of comfortable mobility.” With this vision in mind, the team embarked on a comprehensive development process, integrating the inherited values with the pursuit of exceptional comfort.
To realize the “joy of comfortable mobility,” the fourth-generation Alphard and Vellfire were built on a newly developed platform aimed at achieving global performance standards. As premium vans, the new models underwent significant improvements in key performance aspects, such as noise and vibration reduction, fuel efficiency, and driving dynamics. The interior and exterior designs were refined, offering a more spacious and user-friendly environment, thus elevating the overall value of the vehicles in line with their development concept.

In their pursuit of differentiation, the development team devoted attention to clearly distinguishing the Alphard and Vellfire models. As a result, the Vellfire received an exclusive new grade called Z Premier, featuring predominantly black equipment and a more assertive appearance, infused with a newfound sophistication to accentuate its distinct exterior. The Vellfire underwent specific tuning to its suspension and was equipped with an exclusive powertrain unit, aimed at providing customers drawn to its unique characteristics with an enhanced driving experience and a heightened sense of joy.
Outlined below are the key distinguishing features of the Alphard, a refined minivan transformed into a world-class ultra-spacious luxury saloon, and the Vellfire, a distinctive model catering to the discerning preferences of exclusive customers.

Despite adhering to the size limitations of standard automated parking systems (5,000 mm or less in length and 1,850 mm or less in width), the all-new Alphard and Vellfire maximize their dimensions to provide a spacious interior. While minivans are often perceived as having a flat side profile, the exterior designs of the Alphard and Vellfire exude a commanding and dignified presence.
Despite their compact size, both vehicles offer ample room within the cabin to accommodate passengers and cargo comfortably. The interior space is cleverly utilized to ensure a sense of openness and a feeling of expansiveness. Toyota has skillfully optimized the available dimensions to create a generous interior, enabling occupants to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing journey.

The exterior designs of the Alphard and Vellfire reflect a powerful and dignified aesthetic, despite their minivan classification. Toyota has carefully crafted the exterior styling to exude a commanding presence on the road. These design elements contribute to the vehicles’ overall appeal, striking a balance between functionality and an imposing visual presence.
Adhering to the “Forceful x IMPACT LUXURY” exterior design theme, the development team aimed to instill a strong and solid presence in the Alphard and Vellfire, reminiscent of a charging bull. The design sought to convey a sense of power and forward momentum, evoking the image of a vehicle in motion.
To achieve this effect, the team incorporated several key design elements. One notable feature is the cutting-edge reverse slant of the emblem, which creates a distinctive visual impact. This design choice adds a dynamic and aggressive touch to the vehicles, symbolizing their energetic and assertive nature.
Additionally, the sides of the Alphard and Vellfire showcase dynamic irregularities, lending a sense of strength and stability. These design elements evoke the image of a solid foundation firmly rooted in the ground, further enhancing the vehicles’ commanding presence.

The combination of these design elements results in a visually striking exterior that embodies both power and luxury. The Alphard and Vellfire exude a sense of confidence and forcefulness, reflecting the theme of “Forceful x IMPACT LUXURY” and leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter them.
Through meticulous modifications, the development team achieved an increase in space between the front and second-row seats, as well as between the second-row and third-row seats. By carefully adjusting both the driving position and the construction of the second-row seats, they were able to enhance the overall spaciousness of the vehicle’s interior.

To achieve this improvement, the team made various adjustments to the design. They focused on reducing the thickness of the side quarter trim on the third row of seats and the backdoor trim. By making these components thinner, they were able to free up additional space within the cabin.
The process involved a meticulous approach, with the team experimenting with multiple sizes at intervals as small as 0.1 mm. This attention to detail allowed them to fine-tune the dimensions and maximize the available space without compromising on comfort or safety.
The outcome of these modifications resulted in a noticeable increase of 5 mm between the front and second-row seats, and 10 mm between the second-row and third-row seats. These seemingly small adjustments contribute to a more spacious and comfortable seating arrangement, enhancing the overall experience for passengers.

The development team placed great emphasis on ensuring a luxurious and comfortable customer experience throughout every aspect of owning and using the Alphard and Vellfire. They took into careful consideration how customers would interact with the vehicles and identified areas where modifications could enhance customer satisfaction. Moreover, the team made a dedicated commitment to incorporating various features and equipment that would provide a high level of hospitality.
In previous generations of the vehicles, components such as lighting, switches, and air conditioning vents were distributed along both sides of the ceiling. However, in the latest iteration, the team introduced the Super-Long Overhead Console, which consolidates these fixtures in the center of the ceiling. This design change not only creates a more streamlined and visually pleasing appearance but also enhances convenience and usability.

The Super-Long Overhead Console offers improved accessibility and operability for occupants in any seat. For instance, it enables passengers to open windows on the opposite side of the vehicle without difficulty. Additionally, occupants can conveniently adjust the lighting within the cabin, enhancing the overall ambiance and comfort for all passengers.
By concentrating these important fixtures in the center of the ceiling, the development team has not only created a more aesthetically pleasing interior but also ensured that passengers can easily access and control essential features regardless of their seating position. These thoughtful design choices contribute to a more luxurious and user-friendly experience within the Alphard and Vellfire.
The Alphard and Vellfire introduce an innovative feature called Universal Steps, a first-ever for Toyota vehicles. These steps are available on both the right and left sliding doors, enhancing the ease and comfort of entering and exiting the vehicles, particularly for small children and elderly passengers. When the doors open, a step automatically emerges approximately 220 mm above the ground, reducing the height of the initial step for customers as they enter or exit the vehicle. This thoughtful addition promotes accessibility and convenience, ensuring a more comfortable experience for passengers of all ages.
In addition to the Universal Steps, the Alphard and Vellfire have been designed with the well-being of passengers in mind. Long assist grips are strategically positioned on the C pillars and both sides of the ceiling. These grips are designed to be easily reached and utilized by occupants of various body types and sizes, further enhancing the ease of entry and exit from the vehicle.

To enhance the riding experience for all occupants seated in the second and third rows, improvements have been made to the cars’ shades. The moonroof features independently operable right and left-side shades, allowing occupants to individually choose between enjoying the view of the sky or blocking out sunlight. Additionally, the vehicles are equipped with pull-down side sunshades, a first for Toyota. These sunshades enable customers to block excessive sunlight while still being able to enjoy the surrounding scenery.
These enhancements in accessibility, comfort, and shading options contribute to an elevated experience for all passengers within the Alphard and Vellfire, making every journey more enjoyable and accommodating to individual preferences.
During the development of the fourth-generation Alphard and Vellfire, special attention was given to prioritize the comfort of the rear seats. The aim was to transform the vehicles into not only super-luxury mobile offices but also exquisitely comfortable private spaces. In order to achieve this, a comprehensive redesign of the seats was undertaken, focusing on enhancing their fundamental design to maximize comfort for rear-seat passengers.

Furthermore, meticulous measures were implemented to minimize vibrations and noise transmission to the occupants. This was done to ensure a serene and peaceful environment within the vehicle, allowing occupants to fully enjoy their luxurious experience.
The development team also recognized the importance of environmental friendliness for a world-class ultra-spacious luxury. As a result, efforts were made to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. These enhancements contribute to a more sustainable driving experience, aligning with the goal of reducing environmental impact.
Furthermore, a new 2WD (two-wheel drive) grade has been introduced for the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) models. This provides customers with additional options and flexibility, allowing them to choose a drivetrain that best suits their preferences and needs.
By combining exceptional comfort, refined design, reduced noise and vibrations, improved fuel efficiency, and expanded model options, the fourth-generation Alphard and Vellfire embody the vision of a world-class ultra-spacious luxury saloon that offers an unmatched level of comfort, convenience, and environmental consciousness.
The adoption of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, specifically the GA-K platform optimized for minivan use, has brought significant improvements to Alphard and Vellfire. The structural enhancements made to the platform have resulted in a 50% increase in rigidity compared to the third-generation models. This is achieved through the implementation of straight rockers and a V-shaped brace in the rear-lower part of the vehicle.

To further enhance rigidity and minimize body deformation, the development team utilized structural adhesives in strategic areas. High-damping adhesives were applied around the feet of the occupants, while high-rigidity adhesives were used in areas prone to torsion in the rear of the vehicle. These adhesive applications contribute to exceptional maneuverability and stability by reducing body flexing and maintaining structural integrity.
The suspension system of the Alphard and Vellfire has also undergone significant improvements. The TNGA-specific MacPherson strut front suspension combined with an updated double wishbone rear suspension provides superior handling and stability. Furthermore, the shock absorbers feature mechanical adjustment of damping force based on the frequency of vibrations from the road surface. This enables them to provide precise control over the vehicle’s movements, enhancing maneuverability and stability while effectively absorbing minor road surface vibrations.

The comfort of rear-seat occupants has been a particular focus in the development process. Rubber bushings in the attachment points of the cushion frames and the adoption of memory foam in the backrests and armrests help reduce vibrations experienced by passengers in the second row of seats. Additionally, various anti-vibration measures have been implemented to minimize road surface vibrations for all occupants. These comprehensive improvements have resulted in an approximately 30% reduction in vibrations compared to previous models, significantly enhancing the comfort of the ride.
Through the integration of the TNGA platform, optimized suspension, and extensive anti-vibration measures, the Alphard and Vellfire deliver exceptional ride quality, stability, and comfort for all occupants. The enhancements made to the vehicle’s structure and suspension system contribute to an outstanding driving experience, providing a smooth and serene journey for passengers.

To ensure a serene and quiet interior environment, various measures have been implemented to minimize road and wind noise in the Alphard and Vellfire. These measures include the development of low-noise tires and the addition of sound-absorbing materials in the cowls to reduce road noise. Furthermore, the shapes of specific sections of the engine hood, door mirrors, and A-pillars, which are exposed to wind, have been optimized to reduce wind noise.
By effectively reducing the amount of noise generated and establishing a balanced frequency of soundwaves, the interior of the vehicles provides a peaceful and tranquil ambiance, reminiscent of being surrounded by a serene forest.
The Alphard and Vellfire models utilize the Toyota Hybrid System, which combines a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder DOHC engine (A25A-FXS) with an electric motor to deliver exceptional driving performance. The system achieves a maximum output of 184 kW (250 ps), providing ample power for a satisfying driving experience.

In addition to its impressive performance, the Toyota Hybrid System ensures outstanding fuel efficiency. The Executive Lounge E-Four grade achieves a fuel economy of 16.5 km per liter6, highlighting the vehicles’ efficiency. Furthermore, a new 2WD drivetrain option is available, offering even greater fuel efficiency. The Executive Lounge 2WD grade achieves a fuel economy of 17.5 km per liter6, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly driving experience.

These advancements in performance and fuel efficiency reflect Toyota’s commitment to delivering vehicles that offer both powerful driving capabilities and environmentally conscious operation. The Alphard and Vellfire provide a balance between performance and efficiency, offering a rewarding driving experience while reducing fuel consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

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