Autofocus: 2024 Volkswagen ID.3 UK Version Unveiled

With the unveiling of the second-generation ID.3, Volkswagen is further advancing the success of its ID. family. In line with their ACCELERATE strategy, aimed at transitioning into a zero-emission, software-driven mobility service provider, Volkswagen has surpassed a significant milestone well ahead of schedule. A remarkable 600,000 ID. models, utilizing the modular electric drive (MEB) platform, have already been successfully delivered globally. Expanding its electric portfolio, Volkswagen now boasts a lineup comprising six ID. models, with the ID.3 leading the way as the inaugural electric vehicle on the MEB platform since its introduction in 2019.

Introducing the ID.3 UK Version to the market marks a noteworthy development, featuring an extensive upgrade that encompasses improved software, a sophisticated exterior design, and refined interior elements. Emphasizing the vehicle’s core values of affordability, cutting-edge design, and environmental responsibility, this underscores Volkswagen’s unwavering dedication to addressing the preferences of environmentally conscious drivers.

Fresh Design: A Sharper Exterior

The ID.3 UK Version showcases an enhanced and dynamic aesthetic, achieved through meticulous adjustments to key details. The revamped front end contributes to the car’s captivating appearance, preserving the distinctive and iconic design essence of the ID. family. The exterior features contemporary, clean-cut contours that epitomize the sleek aesthetics of the second generation, complemented by the introduction of new colors such as Dark Olivine Green, adding a refreshing and captivating visual dimension. Upholding a commitment to eco-friendly practices, the vehicle incorporates sustainable materials of premium quality, completely devoid of animal products, further underscoring Volkswagen’s dedication to environmentally conscious manufacturing.

Higher Value: Sustainable Interior Improvements

The interior of the ID.3 UK Version presents an enhanced standard of quality and comfort. Volkswagen, responsive to valuable customer feedback, has refined haptic experiences and elevated material quality. The overall ambiance seamlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, and structural design, crafting a feel-good environment within the vehicle. Emphasizing ethical considerations, the interior equipment is entirely devoid of animal products, and a substantial portion of recycled materials is thoughtfully integrated. Additionally, Volkswagen underscores its commitment to sustainability by guaranteeing that each ID.3 UK Version is delivered to customers with a carbon-neutral balance, further reinforcing their dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

Full Connectivity: Cutting-Edge Assist Systems

The ID.3 UK Version comes equipped with cutting-edge technologies and innovations, establishing new benchmarks in the compact class. The inclusion of the Volkswagen Travel Assist System, leveraging swarm data, signifies a notable advancement towards highly automated driving. Simplifying parking maneuvers, the Park Assist Plus with memory function effortlessly recalls saved parking scenarios. Elevating the driving experience, the vehicle features cloud-based voice control and an augmented reality head-up display, enhancing daily journeys with added convenience and enjoyment.

Up-To-Date Software and Features On Demand

Equipped with the latest software, the ID.3 UK Version guarantees enhanced system performance and the capability to receive over-the-air updates. The ID. software introduces flexibility, allowing users to activate functions as needed through features on demand. This empowers customers to personalize their driving experience with services like the navigation system and two-zone automatic comfort air conditioning. Standard features, including the Electric Vehicle Route Planner and Plug & Charge capability, make the ID.3 UK Version well-suited for both daily commutes and extended long-distance journeys.