Autofocus: 2024 Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION Unveiled

The 2024 Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION has been officially unveiled and released. This vehicle is designated as a fully electric mid-size sedan, serving as the flagship model for Volkswagen’s electric lineup. The two-wheel-drive variant boasts an impressive CLTC comprehensive range of 642km, while the four-wheel-drive model offers a substantial CLTC comprehensive range of 570km.

The ID.7 VIZZION features a familial front face design characterized by a through-type light strip and V-shaped front face lines. The overall design is elegantly simple. Equipped with a matrix headlight, the system comprises 110 independent LED light sources, incorporating headlight follow-up steering and intelligent lighting assistance functions.

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 VIZZION

When observed from the side, the ID.7 VIZZION continues the dynamic design language of the ID. series. Featuring a black fastback suspended roof, a waist design along the sides, and a distinctive ducktail shape at the rear, it reshapes Volkswagen’s presence in the mainstream mid-size car market, projecting a calm yet dynamic image. Notably, its drag coefficient is reported to be reduced to an impressive 0.23Cd.

The car’s dimensions are 4956mm in length, 1862mm in width, and 1537mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2965mm. Built on the MEB platform, it maintains a design with a short front overhang and a proportionately extended rear overhang. In comparison to other medium-sized pure electric vehicles like the BYD Han EV and Tesla Model 3, the ID.7 VIZZION boasts a longer wheelbase and a shorter body length than the BYD Han EV.

Available in seven paint options, including spruce green, maple leaf red, ice cypress blue, silver birch gray, star blue, polar white, and pearlescent white, the car also offers various interior color choices such as Xuanwu Black, Stone White, Star Black, Spruce Green, and Black Gold.

Minimalist interior

Inside the vehicle, the design is minimalist, featuring a screen-centric approach common in many new electric vehicle brands. The traditional instrument layout has been replaced by a small LCD instrument integrated into the concealed air conditioner. Driving information is presented through the standard AR-HUD head-up display system, providing details such as vehicle speed, rotation speed, power, battery status, and more. The AR layer offers assisted driving-related information like navigation reminders, pedestrian alerts, and collision warnings.

The central 2K display measures 15 inches with a resolution of 2240*1260, running on the upgraded ID. OS 2.0 compared to previous models. The navigation module is redesigned and can display additional information for electric vehicles, such as charging maps and mileage range. It integrates with in-car voice commands, HUD, and features lane-level navigation. Upgrades also include enhanced speech recognition 2.0, AI intelligent scenes, and deeper collaboration with QQ Music.

The air conditioning system incorporates intelligent features, such as a sunlight sensor that adjusts air volume and temperature based on the sun’s position. The system can remember different passenger heights, adjusting the air outlets accordingly. Remote control and large-screen intuitive control of air conditioning are supported.

Front seats offer an 8-way electric adjustment function, heating for both front and rear seats, and ventilation for the front seats. The audio system is powered by Harman Kardon with 14 built-in speakers and four selectable music modes. The car is equipped with an intelligent sensor-type canopy that adjusts with a touch.

In the back row, dual Type-C interfaces cater to the fast charging needs of rear passengers’ mobile phones. The hatchback rear design, combined with a large trunk lid opening, provides ample storage space, especially when the second-row seatbacks are folded down.

Driving assistance: the main thing is enough

The ID.7 VIZZION is set to feature the advanced Volkswagen Travel Assist 3.0 driving assistance system, encompassing interactive assisted lane changes, ACC adaptive cruise functionality, Traffic Jam assist, Lane assist, Side assist, and Front assist. The vehicle’s pre-collision safety system, VZE traffic sign recognition, and PEA intelligent driving energy-saving monitoring are deemed mature and stable, ensuring robust safety features.

Additionally, the intelligent parking system will be a highlight, comprising automatic parking assistance and training parking assistance. The former utilizes 12 ultrasonic radars and algorithms, enabling the vehicle to autonomously park both horizontally and vertically. The latter, “Training Parking Assist,” is tailored for residential parking scenarios, storing up to 5 routes after environmental simulation parking training and executing parking maneuvers at speeds up to 7km/h within a 50-meter range.

Concerning power, the single-motor version of the ID.7 VIZZION boasts a maximum power of 150kW, while the dual-motor version features an 80kW front motor and a 150kW rear motor. The vehicle is equipped with an 84.8kWh ternary lithium battery from Times FAW Power Battery Company. The two-wheel drive model achieves a CLTC comprehensive range of 642km, while the four-wheel drive model offers a CLTC comprehensive range of 570km.

The ID.7 VIZZION traces its roots back to the Volkswagen ID. VIZZION concept car was unveiled in early 2018, marking a pivotal moment in Volkswagen’s rapid transition to new energy. As part of the ID. series concept cars covering various market segments, the ID. VIZZION was positioned as an electric flagship concept car.

Nearly two years later, the ID. VIZZION progressed toward mass production. During the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Volkswagen ID. SPACE VIZZION concept car was introduced. This release signified two key aspects: a design geared for mass production, aligning closely with the eventual ID.7, and the announcement of a travel version. The Volkswagen ID.7 travel version is currently undergoing testing and is anticipated to be unveiled in early 2024.