Autofocus: 2025 Ford Ranger PHEV

Ford is poised to unveil the inaugural Ranger Plug-in Hybrid in late 2024, with deliveries slated for early 2025, marking a groundbreaking move within the automotive industry. This innovative model underscores Ford’s dedication to providing a diverse array of powertrain options in the mid-sized pickup truck segment.

What distinguishes the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid? It seamlessly merges the versatility and reliability that have cemented the Ranger as Europe’s top-selling pickup with state-of-the-art plug-in hybrid technology, offering the adventurous spirit of the Ranger now with electric driving capabilities.

A standout feature of the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid is its formidable performance. Underneath the hood lies a 2.3-liter Ford EcoBoost petrol engine, expertly matched with an electric motor and rechargeable battery system, delivering not only robust torque but also facilitating pure electric driving for a remarkable range exceeding 45 kilometers. This opens up new possibilities, particularly in urban areas with low emissions zones.

The towing capability is a hallmark of the Ranger, and the Plug-in Hybrid version upholds this tradition with a targeted maximum braked towing capacity of 3,500 kg, making it suitable for both professional and recreational use.

Furthermore, the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid introduces Pro Power Onboard, a revolutionary feature for worksites and remote locations. Equipped with power outlets in the cargo bed and cabin, it eliminates the need for noisy generators, optimizing space for gear and equipment.

Beyond power, the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid offers a range of EV drive modes, allowing users to tailor their driving experience according to their preferences. It retains the Ranger’s renowned four-wheel drive off-road capability, selectable drive modes, and advanced safety features.

For businesses preparing for an electric future, the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid represents a significant step forward, supported by Ford’s comprehensive Ford Pro ecosystem, which includes charging infrastructure, software solutions, and service options.

Hans Schep, General Manager of Ford Pro, Europe, encapsulates it succinctly: “The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid offers the best of both worlds, providing customers with zero-tailpipe emission EV driving for short trips, as well as hybrid performance that excels in off-road, payload, and towing capabilities. With the addition of Pro Power Onboard, Ranger owners can effortlessly power their worksites and campsites.”