Autofocus: 2025 Lexus UX 300h Fsport

The 2025 Lexus UX 300h welcomes a fresh powertrain and a distinctive badge, elevating its performance with a robust 196 total system horsepower. Enhanced by a new hybrid transaxle and a lightweight lithium-ion battery, the 2025 UX 300h showcases heightened responsiveness, ensuring a dynamic and engaging driving experience while maintaining the trademark Lexus-smooth demeanor. This compact crossover has been meticulously engineered to exude a sense of agility and quickness.

In addition to its upgraded powertrain, the 2025 model year introduces advanced technology and safety features, staying at the forefront of innovation. Noteworthy is the inclusion of Copper Crest as a new exterior color option, adding a touch of sophistication to the vehicle’s aesthetic.

Exclusively available with a hybrid powertrain in the United States, the 2025 UX 300h reflects Lexus’ commitment to fostering a carbon-neutral society. This model, set to hit the market in early 2024, takes the reins from its predecessor, the UX 250h, and aligns with Lexus’ dedication to environmental responsibility.

Fifth Generation Hybrid System

In a groundbreaking move, the 2025 UX 300h proudly stands as the inaugural Lexus vehicle to harness the fifth-generation Lexus Hybrid System. This cutting-edge system seamlessly marries a four-cylinder 2.0-liter gas engine with two motor generators through a planetary-type continuously variable transmission.

Collaborating harmoniously with the electric motor, the engine ensures responsive performance, and a leap in energy efficiency is achieved through the utilization of both electric motors to charge a compact and lightweight lithium-ion battery, supplanting the previous nickel-metal hydride counterpart. Positioned beneath the rear seat, the 60-cell battery not only contributes to enhanced passenger comfort but also optimizes storage capacity.

A novel hybrid transaxle takes center stage, facilitating increased output from the front (83 kW) and rear (30 kW) motors. The collective might of the engine, lithium-ion battery, and high-output motor culminates in an impressive 196 horsepower.

2025 witnesses the integration of shift-by-wire technology on the UXh, where shift operations transition into electrical signals. This mechanism, devoid of mechanical connections, paves the way for a swifter and seamlessly fluid shifting experience. Noteworthy is the improved manufacturer-estimated 0-60 acceleration time of 7.9 seconds (AWD) and 8.0 seconds (FWD) for the 2025 UXh.

For those seeking superior traction, the UX 300h offers the option of E-Four, Lexus’ innovative all-wheel drive system featuring a permanent synchronous motor at the rear axle, ensuring instantaneous drive force application in low-grip or acceleration scenarios.

Efficiency remains a hallmark, with the UXh boasting a manufacturer-estimated combined 43 mpg rating for FWD models and a commendable 41 mpg rating for AWD configurations, underscoring Lexus’ commitment to delivering eco-conscious and performance-driven vehicles.

Exterior Design and Aerodynamics

The 2025 Lexus UXh proudly showcases the distinctive Lexus spindle grille, characterized by a block-shaped mesh pattern where individual elements subtly change in shape, radiating from the central Lexus emblem. Enhancing its frontal aesthetics, the headlamp design incorporates LED daytime running lights arranged in an arrowhead motif above the headlights, complementing the iconic Lexus L-shaped lighting signature.

The UXh’s design seamlessly flows from the lines of the spindle grille, enveloping the cabin with crisp, prominent sculpted surfaces and dynamically flared front and rear fenders, reflecting a robust and inspired aesthetic. Its aerodynamic profile, large wheels positioned at the corners, and an impressive front fascia collectively contribute to the vehicle’s agile and sporty stance.

Functionality meets style with wheel arch moldings designed not only to shield the body from tire-thrown gravel but also to channel airflow over their edges, reducing turbulence and lift for enhanced stability.

The rear combination lamps play a dual role in design and performance. Featuring unique Aero Stabilizing Blade Lights starting at the top of the rear fenders, these lights span the rear of the vehicle with a distinctive nighttime signature created by a sequence of 120 LEDs tapering toward the center. Beyond aesthetics, this design guides airflow around the rear of the UXh, minimizing turbulence and lift for improved stability during cornering and crosswind driving. A wing-type spoiler at the rear roof edge, coupled with a flat underbody, further contributes to vehicle quietness, fuel efficiency, and aerodynamics.

Adding a touch of sophistication, Copper Crest is introduced as a new exterior color option for all models in the 2025 lineup. Base and Premium models offer a range of exterior colors, including Caviar, Obsidian, Redline, Nori Green Pearl, Grecian Water, Cloudburst Gray, Iridium, and Eminent White Pearl. F SPORT models elevate the color palette with seven options, featuring Copper Crest, Redline, Cloudburst Gray, Iridium, Ultra White, Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0, and Obsidian, paired with either an Obsidian roof or a new Obsidian monotone execution.

All UXh models come standard with 18-inch run-flat tires, with Base and Premium models showcasing five-spoke alloy wheels in a dark gray and machined finish. F SPORT models distinguish themselves with split-five-spoke alloy wheels. Additionally, two other wheel options are available, one featuring a gloss black and machined finish, and another in a matte black finish, allowing for a personalized and stylish touch.

A Solid Structure to Build on

Lexus has meticulously crafted the UXh to strike a remarkable balance between handling agility and serene ride comfort. Central to achieving this harmony is the utilization of the high-strength global architecture platform, forming the backbone of the UXh’s design. The incorporation of high-tensile steel, potent high-strength adhesives, and precision laser screw welding creates a remarkably rigid structure. This robust foundation is indispensable for achieving both sporty handling and luxurious ride comfort.

Strategic material choices contribute to the UXh’s dynamic performance. The use of aluminum for the side doors, fenders, and hood, coupled with composite materials for the tailgate, results in a low center of gravity, measured at 23.4 inches. This configuration imparts a sense of security and agility typically associated with lower sport hatches, enhancing the overall driving experience.

The UXh’s suspension system is finely tuned to balance agility and comfort, featuring a MacPherson strut front suspension and a trailing arm double wishbone type rear suspension, both mounted to sub-frames. Attention to detail is evident in elements such as the quality of damper oil, oil seals, and friction control in the shock absorbers, collectively contributing to an enhanced ride quality.

Introducing an innovative touch, the Active Cornering Assist (ACA) function seamlessly integrates with the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). This technology aids the vehicle in tracing the driver’s desired line through a turn by applying controlled brake force to the inside wheels, effectively mitigating the tendency to understeer. The outcome is a UXh that navigates corners with heightened precision while maintaining overall stability, ensuring a confident and engaging driving experience.

F SPORT Performance

For the 2025 model year, the Lexus UX 300h offers a diverse range with eight distinct models, featuring notable variations such as the F SPORT Design and F SPORT Handling. Both the UXh F SPORT Design and F SPORT Handling models share key enhancements, including F SPORT wheels, grille, dark roof rails, a sleek black roof, power tilt-and-slide moonroof, rain-sensing windshield wipers, fog and cornering lamps, automatic headlamp leveling, and painted wheel arch molding.

Taking a step further from the F SPORT Design, the F SPORT Handling model elevates the driving experience with the inclusion of Active Variable Suspension (AVS). This advanced suspension system contributes to sharpened handling, enhanced stability, and an overall improvement in ride comfort. Inside the F SPORT Handling, the UXh boasts additional features such as an aluminum footrest and scuff plate, complementing the F SPORT-exclusive sports seats. The cabin is further adorned with a power steering column, a heated steering wheel, a shift knob, meters, and distinctive aluminum sports pedals, creating a sporty and luxurious interior ambiance.

Adding to the convenience, the 2025 F SPORT Handling model introduces a standard power rear door equipped with a kick sensor, enhancing accessibility and functionality. This comprehensive array of features makes the F SPORT Handling model a standout choice for those seeking a heightened level of performance and refinement in their driving experience.

Driver-Focused Interior Design

The 2025 Lexus UX 300h welcomes passengers into a refined interior that boasts a redesigned layout of buttons on the door panels and chrome-finished ornamentation, providing an elevated sense of sophistication. F SPORT Handling models feature new hairline finishing on the door panels and center console, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

The interior experience is further enhanced with a standard larger 12.3-inch multi-information display in the instrument cluster for all Premium and F SPORT models, offering a customizable layout. The Base model comes equipped with a 7-inch multi-information display, also customizable to suit user preferences.

A color head-up display, positioned in the driver’s field of view, offers convenient access to vital information such as speedometer and shift position, as well as navigational directions and details related to Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Assist, and Road Sign Assist. The Lexus Interface touchscreen display, with an 8-inch screen standard on Base, Premium, and F SPORT Design models, and a 12.3-inch standard screen on the F SPORT Handling model, facilitates easy operation for both the driver and passenger.

The cabin of the UXh is meticulously designed to evoke the luxurious ambiance of a sedan while embracing the elevated seating position and versatility characteristic of a crossover. Thoughtful considerations include optimal hip-point placement for easier entry and exit, along with a uniquely shaped seat cushion. The instrument panel’s low-profile design and slim A-pillar moldings contribute to improved visibility.

Comfort is prioritized with 8-way power adjustable front seats featuring adjustable lumbar support for the driver. The UX 300h Premium model goes a step further with standard heated and ventilated front seats, a power tilt-and-slide moonroof, rain-sensing windshield wipers, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and a power rear door with a kick sensor.

Reflecting a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, the dash trim finish for Base, Premium, and F SPORT Design models draws inspiration from the grain of Japanese paper, known as washi. This choice evokes a calm and warm ambiance reminiscent of traditional Japanese homes.

NuLuxe®-trimmed seating is available in a selection of colors, including Black, Palomino, Birch, and Lapis. For F SPORT Handling, in addition to Black and Birch, an exclusive seat option in Black and Circuit Red is offered, allowing for personalized and stylish choices to complement the luxurious interior.