2025 Nissan Qashqai

About the Car

The Nissan Qashqai, a trailblazer in the highly competitive realm of compact crossovers, undergoes a revitalization with fresh design elements and advanced technological features, establishing new standards within its segment.

After three and a half years since the introduction of its third generation, which saw an impressive 350,000 units sold in Europe, the updated Qashqai builds upon and amplifies the qualities that have consistently propelled its triumphs.

New exterior design

The revamped Qashqai boasts a contemporary design marked by crisp lines and a fully reimagined front fascia, delivering heightened visual impact.

Its new grille, reminiscent of the ancient armor of Japanese samurai, features numerous three-dimensional elements in glossy black, accented by satin chrome details beneath the headlights. This juxtaposition, a modern interpretation of Nissan’s iconic V-Motion front, adds a distinctive flair. Complementing elements in body-matching hues and polished black finishes further elevate the front’s unique character.

Enhanced optical groups sport sharper lines and incorporate a dazzling module, paired with a smaller unit for broader and more efficient light distribution. The daytime running lights, comprising five small lenses echoing the grid’s design, now feature an upper element serving as a sequential direction indicator—a first for Nissan. Notably, the outer edge of the new headlights showcases an illuminated “Nissan” inscription.

At the rear, the lights maintain their original design but with transparent lenses and a fresh arrangement of four individual elements in “super red” hues (exclusive to the N-Design variant), exuding precision and modernity. The slim boomerang element framing the top side now integrates the turn signal.

The redesigned bumper, glossy black for top-tier models and body-matching for the new N-Design version, adds to the vehicle’s allure. Glossy black accents adorn the doors and wheel arches of premium editions, accompanied by new 19″ and 20″ alloy wheels boasting dynamic designs, amplifying the car’s sporty persona.

Meanwhile, the N-Connecta variant showcases new 18″ diamond-cut alloy wheels.

Introducing three new exterior colors—Pearl White, Pearl Black, and Deep Ocean—the Qashqai lineup offers hues ranging from vibrant reds and blues to sophisticated greys, each evoking distinct moods. Additionally, all five colors—including Fuji Red, Magnetic Blue, and Ceramic Grey—are available in a two-tone variant featuring a black roof for added distinction on the road.

New set-up N-Design

Expanding the Nissan Qashqai lineup, the introduction of the new N-Design trim elevates the range with body-matching door moldings and wheel arches, exuding a cohesive aesthetic. Complemented by striking new 20″ alloy wheels, this addition imbues the car with a commanding presence on the road, further enhancing its allure and stature.

New coatings and interior finishes

In the top-tier variants, interior refinement reaches new heights with the inclusion of Alcantara inserts adorning key areas such as the dashboard, door armrests, upper portion of the central console, and knee pads. Decorative motifs in the gearbox area and above the glove box add a touch of sophistication, while the seating receives an upgrade with quilted leather and eco-leather upholstery.

For the N-Design edition, black quilted leather seats featuring Alcantara inserts and an embossed “Qashqai” insignia under the headrest deliver a distinctive flair.

Introducing a touch of ambiance, the N-Connecta version offers customizable ambient lighting, with discreetly positioned LEDs. Drivers and passengers can adjust both the intensity and color via the central infotainment screen, allowing for personalized interior atmospheres tailored to individual preferences.

New digital technologies

Recognizing the increasing significance of digital technologies and information in influencing consumer purchasing decisions, Nissan has meticulously optimized the systems of the new Qashqai to enhance the driving experience, prioritizing safety, convenience, and practicality.

Among the most valued technologies by Qashqai customers is the Around View Monitor (AVM), which utilizes four perimeter cameras to project a 360-degree view of the vehicle onto the central display of the Infotainment system, particularly beneficial during low-speed maneuvers. Enhancements to the system include the introduction of a 3D function, offering the flexibility to select from eight different views—including front, rear, sides, and corners—to meticulously identify any hidden obstacles. Moreover, the AVM collaborates with an acoustic detection and signaling system to alert drivers of moving objects nearby, augmenting safety during maneuvering.

Utilizing the front camera, the AVM replicates images of the front wheels and the surrounding road section, providing drivers with a view akin to peering through a transparent engine compartment and bonnet. This feature facilitates precise maneuvers in tight spaces, minimizing the risk of damage to wheels and bodywork, especially in scenarios involving curbs or obstacles.

Introducing a novel function, the AVM system can now save frequently used parking spots (Parking Spot Location Memory), automatically recognizing them via GPS to streamline parking maneuvers and ensure optimal positioning, even in confined spaces.

The wide-angle front camera also aids in navigating intersections or tight exits by offering a broader side view on the central Infotainment screen, surpassing the visibility afforded by the driver’s seat alone. Additionally, commonly visited parking locations can be stored in the AVM’s GPS memory, activating automatically when approached.

Furthermore, enhancements to the TFT screen behind the steering wheel introduce dynamic color changes based on driving modes, with red indicating Sport mode, green for Eco mode, and light gray for standard mode. This intuitive feature provides drivers with visual cues corresponding to their driving preferences, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Updated advanced driver assistance systems

Enhancing onboard safety in the new Qashqai, Nissan has implemented more responsive advanced driver assistance systems, ensuring heightened control in various driving scenarios.

The automatic emergency braking system boasts an enhanced detection mechanism, swiftly intervening in potential collision situations with other vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians, offering greater reassurance to drivers.

In instances of abrupt braking at speeds exceeding 60 km/h, the rear brake lights will flash, effectively signaling to trailing vehicles the occurrence of an emergency situation, thereby mitigating the risk of rear-end collisions.

Furthermore, upon each car start-up, the inadvertent lane warning and prevention system are automatically activated, intervening at speeds surpassing 60 km/h to help maintain safe lane positioning.

Updates to the speed limit assistance system include real-time detection of maximum speed limits via GPS and a front camera that reads road signs. A flashing icon on the instrument panel alerts drivers of exceeding speed limits, accompanied by a novel audible signal if deceleration is not initiated promptly.

Introducing the Driver Assist Custom feature, drivers can now personalize the intervention of various assistance technologies via steering wheel controls, tailoring them to their individual driving style. Moreover, the system can memorize driver profiles, allowing for seamless recall of preferred settings with each car start-up, optimizing the driving experience for every journey.

New connectivity services

The new Qashqai leads the charge as the inaugural vehicle in Nissan’s European lineup to integrate the comprehensive Google suite, offering expedited and more efficient digital interaction within the car.

Featuring Google Maps, drivers can seamlessly access their favorite destinations and points of interest upon logging in with their personal Google account. This integration minimizes reliance on mobile phones, with maps consistently updated in real-time.

With a simple “Hey Google” command, drivers can utilize a range of voice commands to control various vehicle functions, including the ventilation system, seat heating, windshield heating, setting navigation destinations, or placing phone calls—all while keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Through Google Play, drivers can explore and download apps, stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, and much more directly from the vehicle’s interface.

Nissan Connected Services receive an upgrade, now featuring reminders to close car windows or doors if left open one minute after the engine is turned off. Additionally, the “stolen vehicle monitoring” service (available with an annual subscription) alerts owners if the vehicle is moved without authorization, facilitating potential recovery efforts—even internationally—with the collaboration of local law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, Qashqai customers gain access to Amazon’s Alexa smart home system, enabling them to control music playback, access news updates, check weather forecasts, and manage home automation systems—all from the comfort of the car’s cockpit.

e-POWER, Nissan’s exclusive electrified powertrain

Nissan’s e-POWER stands as a pioneering electrified powertrain, boasting a patented design that sets it apart in the automotive realm. Since its debut in 2022, it has garnered immense popularity in Europe.

At its core, e-POWER comprises an electric motor propelling the car’s wheels and a thermal engine generating electricity. Notably, the thermal power never directly engages with the wheels. This unique configuration delivers the hallmark driving experience of electric vehicles (EVs), characterized by smooth and linear acceleration. Yet, unlike traditional EVs, there’s no need for external charging—simply refuel the gasoline tank to replenish energy. e-POWER emerges as the premier electrified solution, offering an alternative to diesel and serving as a pivotal step toward achieving 100% electric mobility. Moreover, its minimal noise emissions and vibrations ensure a serene and comfortable journey for occupants.

With over 100,000 satisfied customers across Europe already embracing the driving pleasure and fuel efficiency of Nissan e-POWER technology, it’s evident that this innovative powertrain has reshaped the landscape of electrified mobility.

A completely revamped Qashqai

Bringing the new Nissan Qashqai to fruition required a concerted effort from designers, engineers, planning, and production managers. Their challenge was not only to preserve the essence of the car but also to fortify its existing strengths while introducing enhancements and technological innovations to deepen the connection with customers.

Manufactured at Nissan’s Sunderland plant, the new Qashqai joins a legacy of excellence, with over 1.3 million units produced since the debut of the first generation in 2007. As the most prolific model at the Sunderland facility, the Qashqai played a pivotal role in the plant’s achievement of producing its 11th million vehicle last summer, marking a significant milestone since the commencement of production in 1986. This enduring legacy underscores the Qashqai’s enduring appeal and the plant’s unwavering commitment to excellence in automotive manufacturing.