Which are the best car importing sites in Kenya?

A car is increasingly becoming a necessity, and there is a wide range of categories to choose from such as the compact cars segment, compact SUV segment, compact luxury sedans, crossover SUVs or even the opulent sedan and the luxury SUV segment. There’s increasing demand for buyers to import their own cars. There’s also a rise in car-importing sites. That being said, here are some of the best car-importing sites. Trustworthiness, high-quality cars, reliability in operations and affordable prices are some of the factors to consider when choosing a car-importing partner. Here are some of the best sites that you should consider:

UK RoadRunner

UK RoadRunner Limited is a UK-registered company also trading in Kenya. They have been part of the vehicle export import market in the UK for many years, buying new or used cars for private and corporate customers. They understand what their customers want and export cars to Kenya and other parts of the world too.
Website: www.ukroadrunner.co.uk

SBT Japan

SBT Japan is one of the biggest global car exporters with operations in several countries including Japan, South Korea, United States, United Kingdom and Germany. They have been in operation for many years and have extensive market experience in the export business.
Website: www.sbtjapan.com

Beforward Japan

Beforward was among the first companies to offer online global car exports and has operations in over 15 countries. They have a diversified portfolio and clean units and a specialized export network. They have inventory for a wide range of segments.
Website: www.beforward.jp

Cars from Japan

Cars from Japan is a recently established company that has operations in over 50 countries. They have well-developed networks for buying and shipping cars to Kenya. Cars from Japan is a great place to consider when choosing to import your car.
Website: carfromjapan.com


Autocom Japan is a global car exporter that has operations in over 25 countries. They have specialized operations for purchasing payment and shipping of cars to all parts of the world. They have a great portfolio of affordable vehicles.
Website: autocj.co.jp

AA Japan Cars

AA Cars Japan is a global car exporter from Japan and has grown its operations in over 10 countries. They have specialized in affordable high-quality cars and have become renowned over the years for reliability and professionalism. When looking for affordable high-quality cars, this is a good place to start.
Website: ke.aajapancars.com

Whether you’re looking for an affordable car, a high-end luxury car or a source for your business, there’s all that in these vendors. It’s a good place to start your search and ultimately your car ownership journey.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a recommendation of any importing site herein. This is just to point you in the right direction and is no way or form financial advice. User discretion advised.

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