Ready for the electric vehicle era

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Honda not only showcased its Saloon and Space-Hub electric vehicle (EV) concepts but also unveiled a fresh H logo set to grace its upcoming EV models. This emblematic change accompanies the launch of the Honda 0 Series, a futuristic line of next-generation EVs. The Saloon and Space-Hub concepts offer a sneak peek into Honda’s trajectory with the 0 Series, providing insights into the brand’s innovative approach to electrified models.

The Honda 0 Series is grounded in three core design principles: Thin, Light, and Wise. The “thin” EV platform takes center stage, ensuring a low floor for optimal aerodynamic performance. Additionally, Honda emphasizes the integration of software-defined mobility products, fostering a “wiser” and more intelligent user experience for drivers.

Delving into the symbolism behind the new H logo, the Japanese automaker elucidates its commitment to a historic transformation. This shift is particularly noteworthy given the automotive industry’s global transition towards fully electric vehicles. The revamped H logo signifies Honda’s resolve to continuously embrace new challenges and advancements as it embarks on this significant leap into the era of electric mobility.

Honda elucidates that the newly crafted H logo embodies the essence of two outstretched hands, symbolizing the company’s unwavering commitment to expanding the horizons of mobility while steadfastly addressing the evolving needs of its clientele.

This redesigned H logo seamlessly integrates into the framework of the two electric vehicle (EV) concepts showcased at this year’s CES. Leading the charge is the Saloon, positioned as the flagship EV concept within the Honda 0 Series. Embracing Honda’s M/M (man maximum/machine minimum) design philosophy, the Saloon EV concept exemplifies a low and wide exterior seamlessly paired with a spacious cabin, a testament to the meticulous application of the M/M design approach.

Notably, Honda has officially announced plans to bring a production vehicle based on the Saloon EV concept to the market. Anticipated to make its debut in the North American market in 2026, this groundbreaking EV will subsequently be introduced in key regions worldwide, including Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America, signifying Honda’s global commitment to the electrified future of mobility.