What is Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Pro?
The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit stands out as an inventive attribute, seamlessly replacing the conventional dashboard with a customizable high-resolution display and digital gauges. This cutting-edge system situates vital information and real-time updates directly within the driver’s field of vision. Widely embraced across a significant portion of Volkswagen’s model range, the automotive manufacturer has recently unveiled an upgraded iteration known as Digital Cockpit Pro. This enhanced “Pro” version boasts a larger 10.25-inch display, three distinct viewing options, and significantly expanded customization capabilities.

What Features Does VW Digital Cockpit Pro Include?
Upon its initial introduction, the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit featured an 8-inch display, presenting users with two viewing options and the ability to customize displayed information. The subsequent iteration, Digital Cockpit Pro, elevates the driving experience by introducing a larger 10.25-inch thin-film transistor display boasting a resolution of 1440 x 540 pixels. Mirroring the original Digital Cockpit design, Volkswagen situates the Digital Cockpit Pro’s display prominently ahead of the steering wheel, ensuring easy readability for the driver. This advanced system grants the driver access to a range of features, including the speedometer, altimeter, tachometer, compass, driving range, navigation, phone controls, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and fuel economy information. The driver can effortlessly navigate between displays, allowing for a seamless and intuitive access to the required information and updates.

How to Operate VW Digital Cockpit Pro
The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Pro offers convenient access to various views and information pages within the gauge cluster, encompassing:
Navigation Screen: This enables the driver to access turn-by-turn guidance directly within their sightline, eliminating the need to divert attention to the centrally mounted touchscreen on the dashboard while following directions.
Audio Page: Allows the driver to effortlessly view and navigate between various preset radio stations, enhancing control over the vehicle’s audio system.
Vehicle Status Page: Provides crucial updates from the vehicle regarding servicing and other real-time vehicle-related information, ensuring the driver stays informed about the health of their vehicle.
Driving Data Page: Offers insights into fuel economy, driving range, and traffic sign identification. Additionally, this page serves as the hub for accessing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features. Here, the driver can view and adjust settings for adaptive cruise control, lane-maintenance features, and other accident-avoidance technologies.

Moreover, the steering wheel serves as a convenient interface for the driver, allowing them to view and operate various systems, including navigation. With Bluetooth connectivity in place, the steering wheel facilitates phone menu access, providing options to make and receive calls without distraction. This comprehensive integration enhances the overall driving experience, placing essential information and controls right at the driver’s fingertips.

Digital Cockpit Pro Customization
The Digital Cockpit Pro introduces a range of views tailored to driver preferences, offering options such as the traditional dual-gauge look, a sleek digital style aesthetic, and a full-screen view.
To access these customizable features, the driver navigates to the ‘Car’ menu on the home screen and selects ‘Digital Cockpit.’ Within this menu, various presets can be configured, incorporating display elements like the compass, elevation, fuel range, audio stations, road signs, route guidance, fuel economy, travel time, or driver-assistance systems. Regardless of the chosen screen, drivers have the flexibility to determine which items permanently appear on the left and right sides of the display, ensuring that crucial information is readily available while driving.

As an added customization feature, drivers can transform the overall ambiance of the vehicle cabin through interior lighting. By selecting ‘ambient lighting’ in the vehicle setting panel, drivers can choose from a palette of over 30 hues to illuminate the front console, door panels, footwells, and accent/background colors within the digital cockpit. For those who prefer a more straightforward approach, Volkswagen offers pre-configured “mood” lighting profiles.
Going beyond individualizing the digital cockpit, drivers can save their specific settings, including cabin temperature, seating positions, and side mirror positions. This functionality proves particularly useful when sharing the vehicle with friends or family members, allowing each driver to seamlessly retrieve their personalized preferences for a more tailored driving experience.

Present throughout the Volkswagen model lineup, the VW Digital Cockpit Pro takes a transformative approach by replacing the conventional dashboard with a customizable high-resolution display situated directly in front of the driver. This innovation enhances the driving experience, providing a more organic and enjoyable connection between the driver and the vehicle.