A growing number of car manufacturers currently provide in-vehicle telematics platforms, integrating connectivity, entertainment, and safety features to elevate the overall driving experience. These combined attributes are commonly known as connected services. One example is Subaru Starlink, a subscription-oriented service that delivers instantaneous assistance to drivers and passengers with just the press of a button, ensuring real-time support.

What Starlink Offers
Leveraging the power of 4G LTE capability, Starlink presents two primary sets of functionalities: Safety and Security, and Multimedia services. These comprehensive suites encompass a variety of technological features designed to enhance the driving experience with Subaru, fostering both enjoyment and confidence.
Within the Safety and Security features, users can benefit from services such as roadside assistance, stolen-vehicle recovery, and automatic collision notification, among other valuable functionalities. On the Multimedia front, Starlink offers access to a diverse range of content, including news, navigation, weather updates, music, and more. Together, these capabilities contribute to a well-rounded and technologically advanced driving environment.

Safety and Security
Starlink’s Safety and Security features play a crucial role in ensuring protection and peace of mind for both the vehicle’s owner and its occupants. This comprehensive suite includes the following functionalities:
Automatic Collision Notification:
Activates a call to Subaru Starlink when an airbag deploys.
A Starlink advisor assesses the driver’s needs, confirms their location, and, if there’s no response, automatically dispatches first responders to the vehicle’s GPS location.

Diagnostics Alerts:
Conducts regular diagnostic checks of all primary vehicle systems.
Sends an email alert to the owner if an issue is detected, providing guidance on resolution and a link to schedule a service appointment.

Remote Services:
Through the MySubaru mobile app, allows owners to activate remote features like locking/unlocking doors, remote engine start, and activating the vehicle’s security alarm.
Notifies the owner if the security alarm is triggered and provides the ability to locate the vehicle in crowded areas using the horn and lights.

Roadside Assistance:
In non-emergency situations such as a dead battery or flat tire, the blue “i” button on the overhead console connects the driver to Starlink for roadside assistance.
Enables the dispatch of a tow truck to the vehicle’s GPS location.
SOS Emergency Assistance:
Offers real-time support for any driving-related situation.
Pressing the red SOS button connects the driver to a live Starlink advisor 24/7.

Stolen-Vehicle Recovery:
Activates an immobilizer if the vehicle is stolen, preventing it from being driven.
Collaborates with law enforcement to aid in the recovery process after the owner files a police report.

Multimedia Services:
Starlink Multimedia employs a mobile app to provide seamless access to a variety of features, including iHeartRadio, SiriusXM satellite radio, Pandora, Yelp, Magellan NAVI, and more, all through an intuitive high-resolution touchscreen interface. Upon downloading the Starlink app to a smartphone, users can establish a wireless connection with the in-vehicle system, enabling drivers to effortlessly choose their preferred app or infotainment feature.
The integration extends to a convenient voice-command system, empowering the driver with additional control over entertainment features, phone calls, navigation, and, in select Subaru models, climate controls. This cohesive approach enhances the overall user experience, allowing for hands-free and intuitive management of a range of in-vehicle functionalities.

Vehicle Health Report:
The Starlink system takes a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance by delivering a monthly Vehicle Health Report to the owner. This comprehensive diagnostic summary is automatically sent via email at a consistent time each month. Beyond regular updates, the system also alerts the owner when scheduled maintenance is due, providing a convenient link to facilitate the scheduling of a service appointment at a nearby Subaru dealership. This timely and automated notification system ensures that owners stay well-informed about their vehicle’s condition and can easily take the necessary steps to maintain optimal performance.

Concierge Services:
For individuals seeking a heightened level of personalized service, the Starlink Concierge package offers real-time assistance for various needs. This service includes support in making restaurant reservations, hotel bookings, or purchasing tickets for sporting or theater events. A dedicated Starlink advisor is available to assist the driver in searching for points of interest and can seamlessly send locations directly to the vehicle’s navigation system. This tailored and responsive Concierge package enhances the overall driving experience by providing on-demand assistance for a range of lifestyle and travel-related activities.

Subaru Starlink stands out as a comprehensive telematics system, elevating vehicle security while offering a diverse range of infotainment and communication capabilities. For individuals seeking a more immersive ownership and driving experience, the annual cost of $99 or $149 for this service may prove to be a valuable investment. The enhanced features and added convenience provided by Subaru Starlink contribute to a well-rounded and satisfying ownership experience, making the subscription cost a potentially worthwhile expenditure for those who prioritize advanced telematics and a more connected driving journey.