Fueled by an unwavering passion and reverence for the original, the New Defender redefines the scope of adventure with its transformative capabilities. Leveraging cutting-edge all-terrain technologies, this iconic vehicle brings a fresh perspective to 21st-century exploration while staying true to the pioneering ethos that has defined Land Rover for over seven decades.

In the 2021 Model Year, a pivotal addition to the Defender lineup is the advanced Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) model, the P400e. This innovative variant combines a robust 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with a 105kW electric motor, delivering an impressive 404PS. The P400e not only provides substantial torque but also boasts low running costs, emitting a mere 74g/km of CO2 and achieving a combined economy of 85.3mpg (3.3l/100km). With the ability to operate in an all-electric mode for up to 27 miles (43km), the Defender, enhanced by the immediate torque from the electric motor, excels even in off-road conditions with zero tailpipe emissions.

Complementing the P400e, Land Rover introduces the potent and efficient in-line six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine to the Defender range. This engine’s formidable performance, smooth responses, and refined character create yet another world-class all-rounder for on-road excellence and unmatched off-road expertise.

The introduction of the New X-Dynamic specification, available for both the Defender 90 and 110, brings a selection of exterior and interior design elements that underscore the 4×4’s formidable capabilities, ensuring it stands out effortlessly.

Noteworthy is the expanded range of personalization options for the Defender, now featuring new colors such as Yulong White, Silicon Silver, and Carpathian Grey, coupled with a choice of contrasting roof finishes. Individual options, including the Folding Fabric Roof for Defender 110 and the option of a Suspension Pack for Defender 90, are now offered for the first time. Premium LED headlights, Meridian Sound System, Head-Up Display, and Front Fog Lights can all be added individually to tailor the Defender to individual preferences.

According to Nick Collins, Vehicle Line Director for Defender at Jaguar Land Rover, “The Land Rover Defender’s capabilities continue to evolve with a range of powertrain and design enhancements. Defender customers have more choice than ever with a full selection of exterior and interior colors and trims, including the distinctive new X-Dynamic model and choice of 90 and 110 body designs.”

The latest enhancements to the Defender are epitomized by the introduction of the new P400e Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) variant, representing a pivotal advancement for this iconic model. Specifically available in the 110-body design, the P400e seamlessly combines performance and fuel efficiency, solidifying its status as the most capable and durable electrified Land Rover. With unparalleled off-road geometry and capability in the realm of full-sized plug-in hybrid electric 4x4s, the P400e introduces a groundbreaking dimension to wilderness adventures, enabling low-range electric-only mode and redefining the off-road experience.

Under the hood, the P400e is driven by a dynamic 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine generating 300PS and a 105kW electric motor fueled by a 19.2kWh battery. The sophisticated PHEV powertrain delivers an impressive combined output of 404PS, striking a harmonious balance between refined performance and responsiveness. With an electric-only range of 27 miles (43km), this Defender variant achieves a remarkable 0-60mph time of 5.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 5.6 seconds) and reaches a top speed of 130mph (209km/h).

Despite its robust performance, the Defender P400e maintains eco-friendliness, producing as little as 74g/km of CO2 and achieving up to 85.3mpg (3.3l/100km). Iain Gray, Senior Manager of Powertrain Advanced Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, underscores the P400e’s prowess, stating, “The advanced new P400e Plug-In Hybrid perfectly balances performance with fuel economy and all-electric off-road capability. The latest model also provides refined and powerful new in-line six-cylinder diesel engines that bring improvements in fuel economy and drivability. They join a comprehensive range of powertrain options for Defender.”

Standard features for all Defender P400e models include 20-inch alloy wheels, Electronic Air Suspension, and a conveniently located charging port on the left-hand side of the vehicle. The PHEV variants come equipped with a Mode 3 charging cable as standard, while an optional Mode 2 cable is also available. The Mode 3 cable enables an 80% charge in two hours, while the Mode 2 cable takes approximately seven hours for an 80% charge – ideal for overnight home charging. Notably, using a 50kW rapid charger, the P400e achieves an 80% capacity charge in just 30 minutes.

The P400e offers flexibility with the option of five or six seats, standard three-zone climate control, Privacy Glass, and Solar Attenuating Glass. Unique to the PHEV variant is regenerative braking, a crucial technological feature contributing to impressive fuel economy by recovering energy during deceleration and braking, redirecting it back into the battery pack.

In addition to its impressive on-road capabilities, the PHEV powertrain enhances off-road performance. The electric motor’s linear torque delivery, coupled with the potent petrol engine, ensures ultimate flexibility and works seamlessly with advanced systems that distinguish the Defender as the toughest and most enduring Land Rover.

Defender’s exceptional towing capabilities are exemplified by the P400e, which can tow up to 3,000kg and carry a roof load of 168kg (dynamic) or 300kg (static), further underscoring the versatility and robustness of this electrified Defender variant.

Introducing an exciting addition to the Defender lineup, a new in-line six-cylinder diesel option from the Ingenium engine family is now available. This cutting-edge engine offers a host of enhancements, including superior torque delivery, smooth responses, and improved fuel economy, courtesy of its Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology and an innovative Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system.

Taking its place at the summit of the range, the D300 showcases heightened power and torque, boasting 300PS and an impressive 650Nm of torque. This translates into a brisk 0-60mph time of 6.3 seconds (0-100km/h in 6.7 seconds) for the Defender 90. The elevated torque figure ensures that the Defender D300 effortlessly delivers outstanding performance both on and off-road, aligning seamlessly with the Defender’s rugged character.

The MHEV technology integrated into the D300 contributes to enhanced fuel efficiency through an efficient Stop/Start system, halting the engine at a standstill and recovering energy during braking or deceleration. This reclaimed energy is stored in the battery pack and redeployed during acceleration, resulting in faster responses for heightened performance.

The new intelligent driveline system is a noteworthy addition, dynamically adjusting axle torque based on sensor data from the vehicle’s surroundings and driver inputs. This system optimizes torque distribution, providing superior traction, on-road dynamics, and driveline efficiency. The result is improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions, all achieved without compromising the Defender’s renowned off-road capability.

In tandem with MHEV technology and the refined in-line six-cylinder engine, the diesel Defenders equipped with the D300 are not only more economical but also more responsive and refined compared to their predecessors.

For the 2021 model year, the D200 and D240 have been upgraded to the D200 and D250 models, utilizing the same in-line six-cylinder Ingenium engine as the D300. The D200 and D250 deliver 200PS and 249PS respectively, with an increase in torque for enhanced usability – 500Nm for the D200 and 570Nm for the D250. Leveraging MHEV technology, these models achieve improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions across the diesel Defender range.

The new Ingenium D200 and D250 models boast an impressive 32.2mpg (8.8l/100km) and CO2 emissions as low as 230g/km. Acceleration figures stand at 0-60mph in 9.5 seconds (0-100km/h in 10.2 seconds) for the D200 and 7.9 seconds (0-100km/h in 8.3 seconds) for the D250 on the Defender 110 model. These enhancements underscore the Defender’s commitment to offering a perfect blend of performance, efficiency, and versatility.

Expanding the spectrum of choices within the Defender range, the introduction of the New X-Dynamic trim brings a distinctive character to the Defender lineup. True to its name, the X-Dynamic embodies the inherent toughness and capability of all Defender models while elevating its visual and tactile experience through a range of enhancements.

The exterior of the X-Dynamic exudes a bolder presence with Silicon Satin front and rear skid pans, complemented by a matching grille bar and badging, along with Rear Recovery Loops in Satin Black. The alloy wheels, finished in Satin Dark Grey/Gloss Black, contribute to the rugged aesthetic, as do the Narvik Black mirror caps, window decals, and lower sill and wheel arch cladding.

Stepping inside, the X-Dynamic’s unique features include illuminated metal treadplates and Robustec seat material in a Duotone color finish, adorned with a distinctive Robustec ribbon accent and Console Finishers. Robustec, drawing inspiration from textiles used in extreme outdoor conditions, is a highly durable and protective material. Exhibiting a hexagonal pattern and a unique texture, it adds depth to the Defender’s interior. In keeping with Defender’s ethos of functionality, the Robustec material is not only visually appealing but also resilient, resistant to abrasions, and designed for enduring toughness.

Available in various colorways depending on the specification pack, the Robustec material is standard on all X-Dynamic models. The Defender X-Dynamic S and SE variants feature Duotone Grained Leather with Robustec accent, while the X-Dynamic HSE showcases Duotone Windsor Leather with Robustec accent. Seat color options include Ebony, Khaki, Ebony and Acorn, or Lunar.

Distinctive X-Dynamic interior badging and center console finishers set this variant apart. Additional interior touches include the Light Grey Cross-Car Beam Powder Coat, Ebony Morzine headlining, and Eiger Grey satin door handles, completing the sophisticated and rugged interior design of the X-Dynamic trim. This addition to the Defender family combines style and resilience, providing a unique and compelling choice for those seeking a tougher and more distinctive Defender experience.

The Defender lineup has undergone notable changes in individual options and packs, presenting a more extensive array of choices for customization and personalization.

One of the key updates lies in the expanded selection of exterior color options. The new colors include Yulong White, Silicon Silver, Hakuba Silver, and Carpathian Grey. To further enhance the individuality of each Defender, white or black Contrast Roofs are now available with all colors, allowing for a more personalized and distinctive appearance.

Moreover, individual options have been introduced to augment the existing Defender specifications. These include the 3D Surround Camera, a Folding Fabric Roof specifically designed for the Defender 110, Premium LED headlights featuring Signature DRL, Meridian Sound System, Head-Up Display, and Front Fog Lights. These individual options provide Defender enthusiasts with the flexibility to tailor their vehicles according to their unique preferences and requirements.

In addition to individual options, a broader selection of bundled option packs is now available for the Defender. Noteworthy additions include the Blind Spot Assist Pack, which enhances safety features, and the option to choose between a Family Pack or a Family Comfort Pack. The Family Pack introduces third-row seating, three-zone climate control with a rear cooler, and Cabin Air Ionisation for a comfortable and family-friendly interior. On the other hand, the Family Comfort Pack focuses on providing heated seats for an elevated level of comfort during journeys.

With these enhancements, the Defender is more customizable than ever before, allowing drivers to create a vehicle that aligns with their personal style, preferences, and functional needs. Whether it’s the choice of exterior colors, advanced technology features, or comfort options, the updated Defender lineup offers a wealth of possibilities for a truly bespoke driving experience.

In tandem with the Defender 110, the Defender 90 model offers customers an even broader range of choices to find their ideal configuration. Equipped with a lineup of powerful and capable petrol and diesel Ingenium engines featuring Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology, the Defender 90 stands out as a versatile and capable option. Notably, the Defender 90 is available with the option of up to six seats when fitted with the jump seat in the front row.

Petrol engine choices for the Defender 90 include the robust P300 and P400, both incorporating MHEV technology. In addition, the new in-line six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine is available in D200, D250, and D300 power outputs. Similar to the 110 model, all Defender 90 variants are equipped with a smooth eight-speed automatic gearbox, featuring permanent all-wheel drive on petrol variants and Intelligent All-Wheel Drive on the latest diesel versions. The Defender 90 retains the customary Defender capability with Configurable Terrain Response and impressive approach and departure angles, ensuring versatility in various driving conditions. With Electronic Air Suspension, the 90 boasts superior breakover geometry, providing outstanding off-road capability while maintaining balanced and responsive on-road dynamics.

The interior of the Defender 90 mirrors the practical design found in the 110, offering a range of models to choose from, including Defender, X-Dynamic, First Edition, and X models, as well as S, SE, and HSE packs. Each model presents a unique interpretation of the Defender identity, providing customers with a diverse selection of interior colors and specifications that complement the array of available technologies. Despite its shorter overall length compared to a compact family hatchback, the Defender 90 accommodates up to six occupants, offering a spacious interior. Notably, the Defender 90 excels in maneuverability with a tight turning circle of 11.3 meters.

To further enhance customization, the Defender 90 is available with four Accessory Packs: Adventure, Country, Explorer, and Urban. These packs empower customers to tailor their Defender 90 to their preferences, ensuring they have the equipment needed for various journeys and adventures. With its combination of versatility, capability, and customization options, the Defender 90 stands as the most capable Defender ever made, appealing to a wide range of drivers with diverse needs and preferences.

Developed by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, the Defender Hard Top represents a modern reinterpretation of a Land Rover classic. Designed as a commercial vehicle available in both 90 and 110 body designs, the Defender Hard Top seamlessly blends the legendary capability of the Defender with a spacious and adaptable load area, establishing itself as the most robust and rugged member of the Defender family.

This commercial variant offers an exceptional combination of off-road prowess, practicality, and cargo space. The 110 Hard Top boasts an impressive payload capacity of up to 800kg and a towing capability of up to 3,500kg, paired with a flexible interior layout. With no second or third-row seats, the Defender 110 Hard Top provides a voluminous load area of up to 2,059 litres (1,355 litres for the 90 Hard Top). Additionally, the option of the first-row jump seat enables it to accommodate up to three occupants in the front, complemented by Land Rover’s ClearSight Rear View camera technology for an unobstructed rear view.

The load area of the Defender Hard Top is equipped with intelligent storage solutions to optimize the available space. Standard features include a fixed-height load partition with hooks, lashing points to the load floor, lockable underfloor storage, heavy-duty rubber loadspace mats, and brighter loadspace illumination. An exterior utility panel is also provided, offering a perfect surface for personalized customer signage.

The Defender Hard Top is powered by Land Rover’s range of in-line six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engines. The D200 is available on the Defender 90, while the 110 Hard Top offers D250 and D300 power options. These engines meet stringent RDE2 and Eu6d-Final regulations. For EU5 markets, four-cylinder D200 and D240 units are also available. The 110 Hard Top comes with a choice of suspension options, with passive coil suspension as standard and advanced Electronic Air Suspension available as an option.

This commercial variant, rooted in the lineage of Land Rover’s hardworking vehicles since the 1950s, promises exceptional usability, durability, and rugged capability both on- and off-road. With features like a ground clearance of 291mm, a wading depth of up to 900mm, and impressive approach, breakover, and departure angles, the Defender Hard Top remains true to the Land Rover legacy, delivering a reliable workhorse that can conquer diverse terrains with ease.