2023 Nissan Serena

Today, Nissan has unveiled the extensively redesigned 2023 Nissan Serena in Japan, heralding a new era for this popular model. The sales of gasoline-powered variants are set to commence this winter, with e-POWER models following suit in the spring. Nissan also celebrates its 90-year anniversary with the 2023 Nissan Serena 90th anniversary edition. Nissan Serena is one of the best midsize vans in Kenya.

Since its initial debut in 1991, the Serena has consistently evolved in tandem with the changing dynamics and requirements of families. Rooted in the concept of “Big, Easy, Fun” from the outset, the all-new Serena prioritizes expansive seating, convenient utilities, and the incorporation of the latest cutting-edge technologies. This reimagined model aims to continue its legacy of adapting to the evolving needs of families, providing a harmonious blend of spaciousness, user-friendly features, and innovative technology.

“We have planned and developed the new Serena so that the whole family can spend their precious time together, having great fun.”

Nissan Executive Vice President Asako Hoshino

Advanced technologies

  • The Serena features the second-generation e-POWER system, now equipped with an all-new, specially developed 1.4 L engine. The system delivers more powerful and smooth acceleration with less engine noise.
  • ProPILOT 2.0 Advanced Driver Assistance System comes on the highest e-POWER grade, the Luxion—the first time such a system that enables hands-off driving (in a single lane on a highway at speeds of 40 km/h or above) has been adopted in a minivan in Japan. For all other grades, ProPILOT has now been made standard. This driver assistance technology helps reduce driver fatigue on long road trips.
  • The Luxion is equipped with ProPILOT Park with memory, which records and recognizes parking space lines, marking the first time this technology has been adopted on a Nissan vehicle. The Luxion also has ProPILOT Remote Park.
  • Steering assist with forward collision avoidance supports steering when avoiding obstacles in front of the vehicle. This technology is also a Nissan first.

Second-generation e-POWER creates a quiet cabin, making conversation easier

  • The Serena features the second-generation e-POWER system, now equipped with an all-new, specially developed 1.4 L engine. The system delivers more powerful and smooth acceleration with less engine noise.
  • The Serena is also equipped with world-first, energy management technology that controls when the engine turns on and off by vehicle speed, traffic conditions and the navigation system. Reduced engine operation contributes to a quieter cabin.
  • Enhanced insulation further contributes to a quieter cabin, resulting in an easy conversation space, even for rear-seat passengers.

A science-based approach to reducing motion-sickness

Various design and packaging approaches have been taken to reduce motion sickness. These include:

  • A wide, open view from inside the vehicle and an optimal display monitor positioning
  • All-new seat design that dampens occupant movement
  • A highly rigid steering wheel enhances handling stability
  • A vehicle structure that deflects crosswinds and reduces shakiness at high speeds
  • The second-generation e-POWER system and tighter suspension enable smoother vehicle body movement
  • e-Pedal Step, which allows the driver to control vehicle speed by just using the accelerator

A friendly design with premium quality and a sense of innovation

A modern touch has been added to the exterior design. For Luxion and Highway Star grades, the exterior design is finished to evoke the dynamic and powerful performance of the vehicle. All lamps are now LED.

Close attention has been given to the interior:

  • The windshield is the widest in the minivan category in the market.
  • As a first for Nissan, the all-new Serena features a switch-type shift for smart looks and ease of use.
  • The seat material is water-repellent, a family-friendly feature.

14 body colors are available, including four two-tone combinations.

Convenient family features

  • The most spacious cabin in the minivan category enables all on board to stretch out and relax.
  • 120 mm of additional driver legroom compared to the previous generation.
  • A multi-purpose center seat in the second row allows the vehicle to carry seven or eight passengers.
  • The dual rear door allows easy loading and unloading, even in small parking spaces. When needed, just the small back door at the top can be used. The side passenger door comes with a hands-free, auto-open function.
  • Pockets for smartphones and wallets are now in easy reach for every seat. Other useful features include Holders that can accommodate a 500 ml cardboard carton, USB ports, onboard Wi-Fi, and a pre-cooling air conditioning system.
  • Air conditioning can be controlled by a simple, intuitive and innovatively designed touch panel, with independent controls for the driver’s seat, passenger seat and rear seats.
  • An optional 100V AC power source (1500 W) is available for e-POWER models, which can be used to operate electric appliances when outdoors or as a power source, especially helpful in emergencies.