Autofocus: Ineos Grenadier Quartermaster Unveiled

Making its global debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed is the much-awaited 2024 INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster. Developed alongside the Grenadier Station Wagon, this brand-new double cab pick-up ensures a parallel standard of reliability and off-road capability to its companion.

Architecture and Components:

Leveraging a shared architecture and components with the Station Wagon, the Grenadier Quartermaster distinguishes itself through an elongated 305mm box-section ladder frame chassis. This increased length results in a capacious and versatile load bay, measuring 1,564mm in length and 1,619mm in width. Such generous dimensions effortlessly accommodate a standard 1,200mm x 800mm Euro pallet.

Impressive Carrying Capacity:

With an impressive payload of 760kg and a towing capacity mirroring that of the Grenadier Station Wagon at 3,500kg, the Quartermaster effortlessly accommodates five occupants along with their most substantial loads. To enhance its versatile cargo-carrying capabilities, the Quartermaster is equipped with four tie-down rings in the load space (Utility Rails optional), a 400W power take-off, an integrated mounting bar, and a capacious 1,280mm tailgate capable of supporting up to 225kg when open.

Powertrain and Suspension:

Propelling the Quartermaster is BMW’s formidable 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, seamlessly paired with an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. Notable features include a center differential lock and a two-speed transfer case, with the option for front and rear differential locks. The Quartermaster shares the robust underpinnings of its counterpart, boasting a heavy-duty five-link front and rear suspension, solid beam axles supplied by Carraro, potent Brembo brakes, and a responsive recirculating ball steering system.

Unmatched Off-Road Performance:

Distinguished by its remarkable off-road capabilities, the Grenadier Quartermaster surpasses other series production pick-ups. It showcases an impressive ground clearance of 264mm, an exceptional 800mm wading depth, and unparalleled approach, breakover, and departure angles.

Trim Options and Accessories:

The Quartermaster model lineup mirrors that of the Station Wagon, featuring standard, Trialmaster, and Fieldmaster trims. All variants fall under the classification of commercial N1 vehicles in the EU. To cater to individual preferences, the Quartermaster offers an extensive selection of customized accessories. Drivers have the option to personalize their vehicle with a robust frame and waterproof canvas canopy or choose a lockable roller tonneau cover for the cargo bay. Additionally, a roof rack enhances carrying capacity and accommodates various mounts for expedition essentials such as jerry cans, sand ladders, and shovels.

Get ready to be impressed by the 2024 INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster, an exceptional pick-up that seamlessly combines unparalleled off-road capability with versatile cargo-carrying prowess.