Autofocus: 2025 Audi RS 6 Avant GT

The pinnacle of the model series, the new 2025 Audi RS 6 Avant GT, stands as a testament to excellence. This limited-run, special edition is adorned with exclusive exterior and interior detailing, setting it apart in style and performance. Sporting an imposing pass-through roof edge spoiler, a redefined diffuser, and 22-inch wheels boasting a distinctive design, it unequivocally solidifies its position as the ultimate RS 6 Avant. Inside, high-quality bucket seats, a bespoke color combination, and individual numbering on the center console elevate the ambiance to unprecedented levels of luxury.

Innovative features exclusive to the RS 6 Avant GT include lightweight adjustable coilover suspension and a reworked Quattro sport differential on the rear axle, significantly enhancing the driving dynamics. Powering this beast is a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter TFSI V8 engine, churning out an impressive 630PS and delivering 850Nm of torque between 2,300 to 4,500rpm. With a price tag of £176,975, this masterpiece is set to captivate enthusiasts. The first customer deliveries of the 60 units are scheduled to commence in the second quarter of this year.

The genesis of the Audi RS 6 Avant GT can be traced back to the RS 6 GTO concept, an apprentice project initiated in 2020. For six months, twelve apprentices specializing in bodywork and vehicle construction mechanics, automotive mechanics, automotive painters, and tooling mechanics, collaborated with Audi Design to bring this vision to life. Drawing inspiration primarily from the iconic Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO race car of 1989, the result showcases the immense potential and creativity of young talents contributing to the company, even during their apprenticeship.

An unparalleled appearance

The distinguishing feature of the new Audi RS 6 Avant GT, setting it apart from its counterparts, lies in its striking front-end design, drawing clear inspiration from the RS 6 GTO concept. The Singleframe grille and air intakes, coated entirely in high-gloss black, contribute to a visually lower and wider stance.

Further accentuating the sharpened aesthetic are vertical blades in the front apron, a revamped intake grille, and a robust front splitter seamlessly integrated into the bumper. Audi Sport GmbH introduces not only a fully redesigned bonnet but also manufactures it from carbon fiber for the first time, creating a unique visual appeal complemented by the body color. Air outlets behind the sizable 22-inch wheels, along with carbon fiber arches housing them, not only enhance the vehicle’s appearance but also optimize airflow and brake cooling, marking a notable advancement in Audi Production.

The side profile showcases inserts in the side skirts, exterior mirror covers in glossy carbon, and bespoke 22-inch wheels sporting a six-spoke design exclusive to the RS 6 Avant GT. At the rear, the special edition is adorned with black “RS 6 GT” lettering, a tailored tailgate with a visually lowered loading edge, a functional diffuser with a vertically centered reflector for added width, and a distinctive double wing inspired by motorsport, directly derived from the apprentices’ concept car. In a first for the RS 6 Avant series, the roof rails have been eliminated to achieve a sleeker, more athletic silhouette.

Customers of the RS 6 Avant GT can opt for exclusive decals in two color variations. The first, paired with an Arkona White finish, combines Audi Sport’s traditional colors—black, grey, and red. Alternatively, black and grey-toned decals complement the Nardo Grey or Mythos Black exterior colors, with matte black wheels to match. The interior, standard with the RS design package plus, features a black base accented with red and copper highlights, visible in various elements such as the stitching, armrests, and floor mats, emblazoned with “RS 6 GT” lettering. The seats, upholstered in a leather-Dinamica combination, also bear the “RS 6 GT” insignia, with honeycomb stitching in Express Red adding a touch of distinction.

Dinamica black microfiber envelops the armrests, dashboard, center console, and door rails, while decorative inlays feature Dinamica deep black microfiber. Full crimson red seat belts further accentuate the interior’s sporty appeal. Adding a personalized touch, the center console proudly displays the car’s serial number from the limited run of 660 models.

Next-level performance

The new RS 6 Avant GT boasts an impressive power output of 630PS and a maximum torque figure of 850Nm, delivering exhilarating performance. Acceleration is blistering, with 0-62 mph achieved in just 3.3 seconds and 0-124mph in a mere 10.5 seconds, culminating in a top speed of 190 mph. Ensuring robust stopping power, the RS ceramic brake system comes as standard.

Harnessing the potent 4.0-liter TFSI V8 powerplant is a combination of permanent all-wheel drive Quattro and an eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox, finely tuned for optimized shift times. Similar to its predecessor, the 2024 RS 6 Avant performance, the RS 6 Avant GT incorporates the latest iteration of the locking center differential. This lightweight and compact system dynamically allocates engine power between the front and rear axles, maintaining a 40:60 torque distribution ratio. In instances of slippage, the differential intelligently directs more drive torque to the axle with superior traction, with up to 70 percent to the front and 85 percent to the rear, significantly enhancing driving dynamics and cornering precision while mitigating understeer.

Setting itself apart further, the RS 6 Avant GT features a specially tuned Quattro sport differential on the rear axle, emphasizing agility and rear bias in “dynamic” driving mode. This tailored setup ensures sporty, neutral handling with exceptional precision. Exclusive to the RS 6 Avant GT is the standard adjustable coilover suspension, offering higher spring rates, triple-adjustable dampers, and stiffer stabilizers to minimize body roll, thereby amplifying the driving experience. The inclusion of necessary tools and instructions allows for personalized adjustments to suit individual preferences.

Complementing the dynamic prowess are the high-performance Continental “Sport Contact 7” 285/30 R22 tires, providing exceptional grip in various driving conditions. These tires not only enhance roadholding but also contribute to reduced understeer during high-speed cornering, resulting in precise handling across the speed spectrum. Furthermore, braking performance is enhanced, with the new tires reducing braking distance by up to two meters when decelerating from 62mph to a standstill, underscoring the RS 6 Avant GT’s commitment to both performance and safety.

Manufacturing of the highest grade

One notable distinction of the new RS 6 Avant GT is its production process, diverging from the standard RS 6 Avant performance. Unlike its counterpart, which undergoes complete assembly at the production line in Neckarsulm, the RS 6 Avant GT follows a unique path. After body construction and painting at the designated facilities, the 660 models proceed to Böllinger Höfe, where small-series production of Audi’s R8 and Audi e-tron GT takes place.

Situated close to Audi’s Neckarsulm production site, this highly adaptable facility offers optimal conditions for the meticulous finishing of the Audi RS 6 Avant GT. Final assembly is conducted by a team of seven seasoned employees across three specialized assembly stations, each exclusively designated for this prestigious special edition. Each vehicle receives undivided attention, with an entire day dedicated to its assembly. Handcrafted precision defines this process, as all GT-specific features are meticulously fitted to each of the limited 660 RS 6 Avant GT models produced worldwide. This includes the installation of the distinctive bonnet, wheel arches, rocker panels, double wing, front and rear aprons, and adjustable coilover suspension.

Crucially, production at Böllinger Höfe adheres to net carbon neutrality standards. Audi achieves this milestone by utilizing green electricity and renewable heat sources, a significant achievement for both the brand and the Neckarsulm site. Any remaining CO2 emissions not mitigated by renewable energy sources are offset through the procurement of carbon credits from certified environmental projects. This commitment underscores Audi’s dedication to Mission: Zero, the brand’s environmental initiative aimed at achieving fully sustainable production practices.