Auto Guide: What is Subaru Global Platform?

Subaru has unveiled its ambitious Subaru Global Platform, a foundational blueprint set to underpin all forthcoming Subaru models. This innovative platform places a paramount emphasis on refinement, safety, and adaptability to alternative powertrains. The inaugural manifestation of the Subaru Global Platform will materialize with the Subaru Impreza, before extending its influence across the entirety of Subaru’s vehicle lineup.

Despite the novelty of the Global Platform, Subaru remains committed to preserving core features that define the brand, such as boxer (flat) engines, all-wheel drive, and safety-centric vehicle designs. The safety aspect, in particular, is slated for significant enhancement with the new architecture, aiming to achieve “the world’s highest levels of collision safety even in 2025.” By incorporating high-strength steels and fortifying bodies by 70-to-100-percent increased stiffness, Subaru anticipates a 40 percent improvement in impact-energy absorption compared to current models. The lower center of gravity is touted to enhance handling response, contributing to better accident avoidance. Additionally, Subaru claims a 50 percent reduction in body roll by directly mounting the rear anti-roll bar to the body, eschewing the traditional subframe approach found in current models.

The robust platform aligns with Subaru’s overarching objectives for future models, including heightened straight-line stability, superior NVH (noise/vibration/harshness) performance, and elevated comfort levels. Intriguingly, Subaru characterizes these pursuits as part of an “emotionally engaging dynamic feel,” extending beyond mere high performance. While linking comfort and refinement to what seems like road feel—a quality typically associated with sporty cars—is a departure for Subaru, the overarching goal is clear: addressing road noise, ride comfort, and engine vibration concerns evident in some of its contemporary vehicles.

Modularity stands as a prominent feature in the Global Platform’s repertoire, enabling the production of multiple cars or their major components within the same factory. Subaru places great emphasis on streamlining production, asserting that this approach will facilitate the convergence of assembling different global models on a single production line, be it in a Japanese or American factory. This heightened flexibility allows for the seamless addition or interchange of various models among global factories without the need for extensive line restructuring. For example, if the demand for a specific model in the Japanese market surpasses production capacity in Japan, Subaru can swiftly initiate production of that model in the U.S. for export to Japan.

The adaptability of the Global Platform extends beyond production logistics, incorporating a versatile design that accommodates various powertrain options. The platform is engineered to seamlessly integrate gasoline, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, full electric, and other types of powertrains. Notably, the details on how the attributes of this new architecture can be encapsulated into a commercial narrative centered around dogs or the theme of “Love” remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, Subaru’s devoted fan base is expected to resonate with and appreciate these advancements.