Autofocus: 2024 Subaru Impreza Japanese Version

The Subaru Impreza stands as a flagship model in the SUBARU lineup, seamlessly blending superior safety performance and an exhilarating dynamic experience that transcends conventional standards. The latest iteration, the 6th generation Impreza, has undergone a nomenclature shift in the Japanese market, transitioning from “Impreza SPORT” to simply “Impreza.” Each successive member of the “Impreza” lineage epitomizes a fusion of sporty aesthetics and casual design, delivering a joy-inducing driving performance, state-of-the-art safety features instilling confidence, and versatile utility maximizing practicality. The all-new Impreza dutifully upholds these established traditions, integrating cutting-edge SUBARU technologies to elevate safety performance and enhance the dynamic essence of the vehicle.


The Impreza’s distinctive character receives an amplified boost through a dynamic and sporty exterior design, perfectly complementing an active lifestyle. The sleek contours exude a sense of speed, while the pronounced, flared fenders convey the visceral power of traversing the terrain, embodying a spirit of sportiness that accentuates the sheer pleasure of maneuvering the vehicle.

Furthermore, a fresh addition to the color palette comes in the form of “Sunblaze Pearl,” contributing a vibrant and eye-catching hue to the array of available body colors.


The interior of the Impreza embraces a user-friendly and laid-back design, fostering a natural and comfortable environment for both driving and other activities. Positioned at the heart of the interior is an expansive 11.6-inch center information display, seamlessly integrating a myriad of functions. The incorporation of the latest SUBARU common interface elevates practicality and convenience, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Whether spending time behind the wheel or engaging in various tasks, the Impreza’s interior is crafted to enhance the overall ease and enjoyment of the driving experience.

Seat structure that supports the pelvis

The Impreza features an innovative seat structure designed to cradle the sacrum and provide optimal support to the pelvis. This cutting-edge design is the result of collaborative research with university medical departments, integrating valuable insights from the field of medicine. By effectively securing the sacrum, the transfer of vehicle body vibrations to the head is minimized. This strategic approach ensures a comfortable ride, particularly when the body experiences significant movement due to steering maneuvers or variations in the road surface, such as rolling or undulations. The incorporation of medical knowledge enhances the overall driving experience by prioritizing comfort and minimizing the impact of motion on the occupants.

Changes to the fixed structure of the seat

A departure from the traditional approach of employing brackets, the Impreza introduces a revamped structure for securing the seat to the vehicle body. In this innovative design, the seat rails are directly affixed to the vehicle body, ushering in improvements in both rigidity and vibration convergence at the mounting points. This transformative shift effectively curtails seat shaking and contributes to the realization of a remarkably comfortable ride. By enhancing stability and minimizing vibrations, this structural evolution ensures a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience for occupants of the Impreza.

Deepen Subaru global platform

The already impressive Subaru Global Platform, renowned for its exceptional handling stability and ride comfort in the conventional model, has undergone further enhancements. This evolution incorporates state-of-the-art knowledge and technology, including the implementation of a full inner frame structure, expanded utilization of structural adhesives, and heightened rigidity in the suspension mounting area. These advancements collectively culminate in a refined and elevated driving experience, surpassing the already highly acclaimed dynamic qualities of its predecessor. The meticulous improvements contribute to a heightened dynamic texture, establishing a new benchmark for handling stability and ride comfort in the latest iteration of the Subaru Global Platform.

Power train

Featuring a 2.0L e-BOXER engine, the Impreza offers a seamless and enjoyable driving experience with the smooth operation of motor assist. Notably, enhancements extend to both the engine and Lineartronic components, specifically geared towards minimizing vibration and noise. These refinements ensure a quieter and more serene driving environment, enhancing the overall comfort and satisfaction for occupants of the Impreza. The integration of the e-BOXER technology adds a layer of sophistication to the driving dynamics, allowing enthusiasts to relish the effortless and nimble performance facilitated by the motor assist system.

Wide-angle monocular camera

Introducing a newly incorporated monocular camera, the Impreza now boasts enhanced capabilities for recognizing motorcycles and pedestrians, particularly at low speeds. This advanced camera system also offers a wider field of view compared to the latest stereo camera when operating at lower speeds. This expansion in visual coverage contributes to a broader range of situations where the pre-crash brake system can be effectively employed. The result is the pinnacle of EyeSight performance, achieving an unprecedented level of effectiveness in ensuring safety by proactively addressing potential hazards on the road.

Conflict Security

The already commendable collision safety potential inherent in the Subaru Global Platform, lauded in the previous model, has undergone further augmentation. In meticulous preparation for potential collisions, our focus has extended to refining both occupant and pedestrian protection. Addressing frontal collisions, we have widened the bumper beam to the exterior of the vehicle and introduced a collision subframe, fortifying collision safety measures.

To elevate compatibility in collisions with other vehicles, we’ve enhanced performance, prioritizing the protection of occupants on both sides. Emulating the Legacy Outback, we’ve introduced the MPDB (Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier) frontal collision test, a new benchmark for assessing compatibility in real-world frontal collision scenarios.

The SUBARU STARLINK connected service has reached new heights. Beyond reinforcing a sense of security through the conventional “connected safety” function in emergencies, we’ve introduced novel services that augment convenience and comfort. These include a smartphone application-enabled remote lock/unlock function and a remote vehicle position confirmation feature, expanding the breadth of services to enhance the overall ownership experience.

Interior space

The expansive 11.6-inch center information display stands out for its user-friendly interface, combining advanced and sleek design with enhanced smartphone compatibility. The inclusion of wireless support for Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ ensures seamless connectivity, transforming the infotainment system into an intuitive interface akin to a familiar smartphone experience.

The interior space maintains its generous proportions, equivalent to the conventional model, ensuring drivers of all sizes can effortlessly find their optimal driving position. This design not only caters to driver comfort but also minimizes fatigue during extended journeys, providing an abundance of travel comfort.

The luggage compartment retains a substantial opening size akin to the conventional model, ensuring ease of access, and boasts ample storage capacity. With a 60:40 split-folding rear seat configuration, users have the flexibility to expand the cargo space at will, accommodating large items and elongated objects with ease. This versatile design facilitates convenient and adaptable use of the luggage compartment.